Long before I ever sat down at a computer, I wanted to be a writer. The very first thing I remember writing was something I called “Queen for a Day”, about a little girl who gets spirited off by the leprechauns to be their queen for a single day. In other words, your typical lonely-kid-type escapism.

In school, I was constantly writing stories in notebooks I’d carry around with me along with my actual schoolwork; it made for fun ways to pretend to look busy taking notes in class when I was actually writing. I wrote fanfic featuring ‘Indiana Jones, Jr.’ in middle school–complete with a painstakingly drawn title page in a suitably Jones-esque font, equally painstakingly colored in with marker. I followed the examples of my favorite authors at the time and drew out little maps of the fantasy lands I created.

None of my work older than late-high-school era survives to this day (and be glad it doesn’t; when you’re 12, your writing does tend to, well, suck), but this part of my web page is the home of what writing I actually want to share with the world. Because I still want to be a writer. And now I’m trying to give it a serious shot.

You can find data all about my writing over here at angelakorrati.com, my official site for my books and other work. So far what’s there is data about my novel Faerie Blood, now available via Drollerie Press, as well as the anthology Defiance to which I contributed the story “The Blood of the Land”.