Writing again, finally

For those of you who may have missed it if you don’t follow angelahighland.info or follow me directly on social media, I’ve actually been writing again for the last couple of weeks. Finally.

I have a project in progress I’m sending out to my Patreon supporters and I’ve written a post about it on angelahighland.info, go check out the post if you’d like to know more!

Put up a new post on angelahighland.info

I’d posted last month on my angelahighland.info site about how our webserver, the very server where annathepiper.org is hosted, kept crashing.

Good news! I’m pleased to report that for the time being, anyway, we’ve found a solution. I also put that post on angelahighland.info instead of here, just because that’s where the first post was. But if you’re interested, you can find the details right over here.