And now, a gratuitous icon post!

It occurred to me that if I was going to go around calling my LJ “Ordinary Day”, I should damn well have a default icon that reflects that. So for the benefit of those of you looking at this on my various LJ-flavored sites, check out the Alan and Sean loverliness. That shot is of course from the video for the song. The icon is by userinfoturple_purtle, who was the provider of just about all of the GBS icons I use.

And if you’re looking at this on, here!

And now, a holiday review!

I’m coming off a nice long vacation, thanks to my workplace having given the entire lot of us the week of Christmas off. This was as the cool kids say AWESOME, given that it meant that userinfosolarbird and I were able to have Longest Night without me having to take an extra day off for that. And that was a nice way indeed to fire off a relaxing break.

The weekend of the Solstice was pretty much given over to, aside from a special Solstice Murkjam (more on this in another post), a mighty rewatching of the entire extended edition Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are few movies I can happily watch over and over again, but these? Absolutely. Especially when Dara starts asking me questions about Middle-Earth lore and we get to Tolkiengeek. <3 Plus, this time around I started finally watching a lot of the copious extras in all three sets of discs, which I had never done despite owning these things for years now. I'm sure you all know by now, but yeah, lots of lovely stuff there and I've only barely scratched the surface of it all. Did a lot of catchup of medical appointments during the week, and the highlight of that was getting to touch bases with both my endocs and say "by the way, I'm working on seriously trying to lose weight, just so you all know". In particular, wanted to check with the thyroid endoc to make sure I coordinate with him about how to reduce my T4 and T3 dosage as I drop pounds. I've already had to start tweaking my intake since I've dropped six pounds or so. I dropped in on userinfokathrynt to say hi in between some of those aforementioned medical appointments, and was treated to tea and a cookie and her delightful offspring informing us, when asked where her dump truck was, “it could be ANYWHERE!” Lillian continues to impress me with her smarts. This kid is going to be scary when she gets older. Hell, she’s kind of scary now!

Christmas itself was pleasantly low-key and featured first going out with userinfomamishka to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Picoreview: big silly fun if you can buy that this was totally a fluffy, alternate-universe version of Holmes and Watson that didn’t bear too much resemblance to the canon versions. I did like many get a kick out of the chemistry between Holmes and Watson, and felt that poor Mary was sadly underused as a character, and that the actress playing Irene wasn’t quite up to the task of her own character’s awesomeness. But really, the thing I liked the most about the movie? The music. Especially the jigs during the action scenes and the take of “Rocky Road to Dublin”. I may have to buy the soundtrack on the strength of that alone.

Christmas evening, userinfomamishka, userinfodarthhellokitty, and userinfoking_chiron all had dinner with us at the Murk and then we all watched the new Doctor Who, “The End of Time, Part 1”. Most definitely more on this in another post. There are rumblings of another group watch of Part 2 to come.

I closed out this past weekend with going, finally, with Dara to see 2012 before it finally vanishes out of the local theaters. We wound up having to catch it at the Alderwood Mall cinema, which was really kinda crazytalk since the place was swarming with after-Christmas shoppers and getting from our parking spot to the theater was a nerve-wracking exercise in dodging oncoming traffic. But we did manage to get there on time, and once we were actually settled in, despite being too close to the screen for comfort, we had a delightful time. I’m sure many of you already know this by now too, but yeah, this movie was awesomely bad. We’re talking epic levels of MSTable disaster pr0n, which is pretty much exactly what we were there for. Mutating neutrinos, baby!

Didn’t get a damn bit of writing or reading done, but on the whole, I didn’t really mind. I’ve been catching up on fixing broken stuff on this web site instead, and that sits well with me, since the long-undone tasks there were annoying me, and I found fixing those relaxing. I assure you all though that more writing and reading will be coming with the New Year.

And oh yes: with userinfospazzkat coming home from Virginia on Sunday, we had our little house gift exchange. My nifty l00t: one box of Ninth Doctor DVDs (man, I do love Nine and Rose, I must say), one lovely tin of bath bombs from LUSH, one $50 Barnes and Noble gift card which I promptly spent on five new ebooks, and last but not least, this, which is pretty much the Best Possible Christmas Ornament to Give to Anna, Ever:

Indy Ornament
Carefully, Indy

There’s a button on it that plays the Raiders March when you press it. userinfospazzkat knows me very, very well. <3

Outer Alliance spotlight on me!

Check it out, you guys! The kindly , @omgjulia on Twitter, the driving force behind the Spotlight posts on, has just put one up on, well, me! *^_^*;;

She winged me these questions the weekend just before Thanksgiving, and this was lovely turnaround time in getting the article posted. Go read if you like, and while you’re over there, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Spotlight posts on Outer Alliance authors!

General greetings to new readers, and also, Nanowrimo!

I’d like to issue a general shoutout to a bunch of the folks from the Outer Alliance. We’ve all been going on a Friending spree lately and checking out each other’s journals, and several of y’all are now listening in here via Livejournal. LJ people already reading, please feel free to drop a comment and say hi to the new folks. And if you’re actually reading this from, hi as well and don’t feel shy; grab a chair, raise a jar, and drop a comment to introduce yourself.

Anyway, for those of you just tuning in, I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Anna the Piper, and wherever you’re reading me from, I’m the author of Faerie Blood from Drollerie Press. When I’m not posting on about my writing, I am posting from about everything else. By “everything else”, I generally mean “Great Big Sea, periodic jam sessions at my house, and books”. Lots and lots of books. You’ll see me post a lot of book reviews as I endeavor to top my annual goal of 100 books per year.

Right now though I’m probably about to enter extensive radio silence, given that Nanowrimo is upon us, and I need to start work on Faerie Blood‘s sequel. I will endeavor to post regular updates on my progress, and I’m also officially signed up on the Nanowrimo site as annathepiper. Feel free to keep tabs on my progress in either place! And for those of you who are also tackling Nanowrimo this year, good luck!

Nanowrimo ahoy, and an interview!

I just Tweeted about this, but for those of you following me in longer form, check it out: I’ve had my very first online interview over here with the folks at Editorial Department, who approached me for my thoughts on Nanowrimo. Also featured in the article are Australian SF author Simon Haynes and craft diva Kathy Cano-Murillo, who’s coming out with her first novel in 2010.

Since Nanowrimo’s closing in, I thought this’d be timely to post about. Hope y’all enjoy the read.

On a related note, I do actually plan to take on Nanowrimo this year. The goal: to write Bone Walker, the now-retitled Book 2 that will follow up on Faerie Blood. I need to finish my outline planning by the end of this month, and then we’ll see if I can dive in on November 1!

To anyone following my Livejournal

Please go check this post that I just made over there. I apparently got dinged by the LJ exploit that was going around this morning, so anybody on my Friends list who may have read me during the time in question may have been affected as well.