Reminder to Jamming group: Jam is ON on Sunday

For those of you on my jamming group’s mailing list, if you haven’t already seen the reminder I sent earlier this week, don’t forget that we are JAMMING on Sunday at the Murkworks! Be there or miss out on seeing my shiny new guitar. Not to mention nomming of tasty, tasty pie!

Please sing out if you haven’t already told me you’re coming, so I know how much tasty, tasty pie to get!

Jam Report #94–9/6/09: Giant Reeses Cup Edition

In which I celebrate the hitting of a deadline by resuming Jam; in which we have a brand new Jammer and fellow GBS fan showing up to join us; in which we have a bit of an audience with my visiting friend from Norway; and in which we break in some stuff we’ve never played before, go us! Songs: “Ferryland Sealer”, “Mari-Mac”, “Cap in Hand”, “Skullcrusher Mountain”, “Goin’ Up”, “Dryad’s Promise”, “Captain Kidd”.

This was the first Jam we had in some time, although not quite as long as it’s been since my last Jam Report post–because I was a lame-o and never did post a proper report for the last one. This is me attempting to do better this time, especially since this was a particularly fine Jam!

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Jam Report #92–5/10/09: Dear Gods the Cake Edition

In which we have a tiny Jam but a huge Jam’s worth of tasty snacks; in which we expand our musical horizons by breaking out a little Queen; and in which we celebrate the new Trek flick by breaking out the most infamous filk song there is. Songs: “By and By”, “Captain Kidd”, “Goin’ Up”, “Elf Glade, “’39”, “Outbirds”, “Stars”, “Banned from Argo”.

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