Indulge my curiosity!

So, the geekier amongst us have been keeping track of Diaspora for a while, given that it’s touting itself as an Open Source alternative to Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and such. Right now it’s in very early development stages, and while it’s possible to join existing Diaspora pods, it’s not exactly non-geek-friendly right now.

I’ve been on LJ long enough to be fairly sure that even if Diaspora attracts a geek audience, it’s unlikely to pick up significant numbers–and in particular, not likely to deal much of a blow to the huge numbers of Facebook, Twitter, or G+ users.

But I might be wrong! And I’m curious just to see what y’all think about it and whether you plan to use the system. I myself am not planning to at this time, in no small part because I’m barely able to keep track of the social networks I’m already on, and do not have time and patience to learn another one. Especially one so early in its development.

What do you think? If you’re seeing this post on LJ or Dreamwidth, please click on over to the version of the post–the polls won’t work from LJ or DW.

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