Apple, this is not even remotely acceptable

userinfosolarbird has already posted about this, but I’m signal-boosting: she and I heard today via this post by userinforollick that a particularly repulsive, transphobic app has shown up on the Apple store.

Its whole point is apparently to point and laugh at the “trannies” by letting you insert pictures of “trannies” in allegedly hilarious poses into your own actual photos. Because pointing and laughing at the transgendered is so much of a laugh riot!

(Protip: Not so much.)

I’m quite disgusted by this, and I say this as a geek who’s typing this post as she speaks on her MacBook, and who carries around an indispensable iPhone in her pocket at all times, and who is seriously wondering if she wants an iPad. But this kind of bigoted crap being allowed to get onto the Apple app store is exactly the kind of crap that makes me think that maybe my next computer should be running Linux, and maybe my next phone should be a Droid.

I’ll be calling to voice my displeasure in the morning, to back up Dara on the phone call she’s already made. She has the appropriate number to call in her post, but I’ll echo it here as well: +1 (408) 974-2042.

Please spread the word. Thanks.