Another long overdue ebook roundup log

This is another one of those days when I look at my overflowing inbox and go geez woman get caught up on your email, why don’t you?

So this is me reviewing my various backlogged ebook purchase receipts!

Acquired from Kobo:

  • The Infernal City and Lord of Souls, which are the two Elder Scrolls novels written by Greg Keyes, released back in 2009 and 2011. The events in them apparently take place between what happens in Oblivion, and what happens in Skyrim. For the interested, more info on the novels can be found on the wiki I follow for my Skyrim playthroughs, here.
  • Bombshell, by Sarah MacLean. Romance. Grabbed this one because I’ve read a different historical romance series by this author and enjoyed it! And also, this review on Smart Bitches, even though they gave it a B-, made it sound fun.
  • The Luminous Dead, by Caitlin Starling. SF/Horror. Nabbed this because it went on sale for $1.99, and because I’ve seen good buzz about it. Taking a shot on it because it’s pitched as a gripping SF/horror story with a fairly fucked-up level of interaction between the two female protagonists.
  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles, by Agatha Christie. Mystery. This is the first Hercule Poirot novel, which I’ve never read. Nabbed it because it was a new edition of the book, on sale for $2.99, and because I really like the cover St. Martin’s Press put on it. (You can see that cover here on the Kobo page for the ebook.)

Pre-ordered from Kobo:

  • Noor, by Nnedi Okorafor. SF. Got this because I’ve definitely enjoyed work by this author before. And buzz going around about this book made it sound like something I want to pick up.
  • The Thousand Eyes, by A.K. Larkwood. Fantasy. This is book 2 of the author’s Serpent Gates series. I really liked Book 1, The Unspoken Name, for splendid worldbuilding, a compelling F/F romance, and an orc heroine! Very much looking forward to this one.

Acquired from Amazon:

  • Bacchanal, by Veronica G. Henry. Depression-era historical fantasy/horror mix, with a story about a demonic carnival. (If this sounds interesting to you, note that this was an Amazon-only release, in case this is a dealbreaker for you purchasing it.)
  • Easy Pickings, by C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter. Urban fantasy. This is crossover fic for the Walker Papers and Jane Yellowrock series, written by the authors themselves, in which they set up a scenario where their heroines can actually meet. Awesome. Sign me up!

60 for the year.

Oops I appear to have had an ebook acquisition burst

What can I say? All these books sounded tasty.

Pre-ordered from Kobo:

  • Fugitive Telemetry, by Martha Wells. SF. Specifically, her next Murderbot book, and OF COURSE I want more Murderbot!

Acquired from Kobo:

  • Alice Isn’t Dead, by Joseph Fink. This is the novelization of the story from the podcast of the same name, from one of the two masterminds of Welcome to Night Vale. I liked the podcast version of this story quite a bit and look forward to reading the novel adaptation of same.
  • The Space Between Worlds, by Micaiah Johnson. SF. Nabbed this because it sounds like an interesting parallel-worlds type thriller, and because it was on sale for $1.99 as of the time of my purchase.
  • Winter’s Orbit, by Everina Maxwell. SF/Space Opera. Nabbed this one because it’s been getting good buzz, and because it’s a queer romance/space opera type scenario, and because I really rather like the tagline on the cover.
  • A History of What Comes Next, by Sylvain Neuvel. SF. Nabbed this one because I’ve enjoyed other work by this author, and because the period-set SF vibe appeals to me after having had great fun reading Mary Robinette Kowal’s recent work in that realm.
  • Fireheart Tiger, by Aliette de Bodard. Fantasy. Nabbing this because F/F romance and also because my word that cover is gorgeous.
  • Nights of the Living Dead, by various authors. Zombies! As one might guess from the title, this is influenced by Night of the Living Dead, and it is in fact an anthology telling assorted stories set in the 48-hour period of time covered by that very movie. There is an intro by George Romero in it. And, as should surprise exactly no one, there is a story by Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire in it too. This will hopefully be fun!
  • The Book of EarthThe Book of WaterThe Book of Fire, and The Book of Air, by Marjorie B. Kellogg. Fantasy. These are the four books of Kellogg’s Dragon Quartet series. I bought Book 1 of this and read it ages ago, and eventually picked up book 2 and an omnibus of books 3 and 4 in print, but I have yet to read any of them. I nabbed all four titles in ebook on the theory that I might actually read them if I have them on the Kindle. Let’s find out!
  • Remnant Population, by Elizabeth Moon. SF. Nabbed this one because it showed up in a roundup by James Nicoll on of books featuring isolation as a theme–and because the protagonist is an old woman, a rarity even today in the genre.

Total for the year: 31.

Brief ebook roundup

Pre-orders that finally arrived:

  • Soulstar, by C.L. Polk. Fantasy. Book 3 of her Kingston Cycle, which i am very much looking forward to reading.

Pre-orders that I placed:

  • Grave Reservations, by Cherie Priest. This is Priest’s mystery debut, but given that the heroine is a psychic, it’s clearly going to be a mystery with paranormal elements. Sign me the fuck up.

And, acquired from Kobo because I was in a mood to expand this author’s presence in my library:

  • A Madness in Spring, The Dress of the Season, The Game and the Governess, The Lie and the Lady, The Dare and the Doctor, and Miss Goodhue Lives for a Night, all by Kate Noble. All historical romance. A couple of these are standalones, a couple of them are novellas, and all of them are ones I look forward to reading. Noble’s on the short list of authors who historical romances I have actively enjoyed, and I’ll look forward to checking out more of her work.

(Note also for anyone besides me who likes reading historical romance: A Madness in Spring and The Dress of the Season were both available for free on Kobo, where I got them. You may wish to consult your ebook vendor of choice to see if you can get them for free as well, if you want to check out this author.)

Total for the year: 19.

Whoops I missed a 2020 purchase ebook roundup post

Acquired from Amazon during 2020

  • The Lord of Stariel, by A.J. Lancaster. Fantasy with strong romantic subplot. Got this on the strength of this review over on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Amended total for 2020: 162

Acquired from Kobo:

  • The Mask of Mirrors, by M.A. Carrick. Fantasy. Got this in no small part because M.A. Carrick is a pen name for a pair of authors doing a collaboration, and one of those authors is Marie Brennan, whose Lady Trent series I adore. Plus, they have an individual going by the name of ‘Rook’ in their plot, and as anyone who’s read my Rebels books or who ever played with me on AetherMUSH knows, I am rather partial to that particular sobriquet.

Total for the year: 12.

End of September ebook roundup post

Acquired from Kobo:

  • The entire Themis Files trilogy (Sleeping Giants, Waking Gods, and Only Human) by Sylvain Neuvel. SF. Grabbed this because I got book 1 as a freebie a while back in paperback, and I liked it, and the ebook went on sale. So I went ahead and got all three of them.
  • Beach Read, by Emily Henry. Contemporary romance. Grabbed this because Smart Bitches reviewed it quite positively, and while I don’t normally read contemporaries, this sounded kind of delightful. In no small part because of the schtick of both the heroine and hero being writers and challenging each other to write each other’s genres.
  • The Duke Who Didn’t, by Courtney Milan. Historical romance. Acquired for general “because Courtney Milan” reasons, but also, I’m quite interested to see how she sets up a historical set in Britain but with protagonists of color.
  • The Case of the Missing Marquess, by Nancy Springer. Book 1 of her Enola Holmes series, which I nabbed since we just watched the new movie adaptation on Netflix. I found it quite charming, and the ebook was on sale for $2.99, so I snapped it up.

Acquired from Amazon:

  • Chaos Reigning, by Jessie Mihalik. Book 3 of her Consortium Rebellion series, sci-fi romance. Nabbed it because it went on sale price and I did like book 1, so.

And last but not least, acquired from John Scalzi:

  • Clash of the Geeks, by John Scalzi and other authors. Chapbook parody fantasy, with stories explaining exactly what’s going on in a painting depicting Scalzi as an orc, fighting Wil Wheaton who’s riding a unicorn pegasus kitten. As you do! Scalzi posted about it on his Whatever blog, and offered freebie copies of the chapbook to readers, so I took him up on that. Because this year? This year definitely calls for some supremely silly reading.

Pre-orders that showed up:

  • When No One is Watching, by Alyssa Cole

150 for the year.

Whoops I missed a post ebook roundup

Found a draft of an ebook roundup post marooned in my Drafts folder, oops. So I’m merging a couple of earlier acquired titles with more recently acquired titles in this post now!

Acquired from Kobo:

  • Devolution, by Max Brooks. Horror. I nabbed this on the strength of the name Max Brooks, since I totally adored World War Z. I can also report that I’ve actually gone ahead and read this since I originally bought it. I did not like this one as much as I liked World War Z, but I’m not sorry I read it. I still found it an enjoyable read, even though I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t nearly as brilliant as his first book.
  • Prince of Shadows, by Rachel Caine. Fantasy, alternate telling of Romeo and Juliet. Nabbed this in no small part because Caine is dealing with serious cancer treatments right now and I wanted to try to buy more of her titles in support.
  • Honor Among Thieves, Honor Bound, and Honor Lost, by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre. SF YA. Nabbed this entire trilogy partly because see previous commentary re: Caine, but also because I also like Ann Aguirre’s work and the two of them together promise to be entertaining.

Pre-ordered from Kobo:

  • Soulstar and The Midnight Bargain, by C.L. Polk. Fantasy. Grabbed both of these because I quite liked Witchmark, and Soulstar is the closing book of that trilogy.

Acquired from Amazon:

  • Bitter Falls, by Rachel Caine. Book 4 of her Stillhouse Lake series of thrillers. Acquired from Amazon because the series is available in ebook only for Kindle.

Pre-ordered from Amazon:

  • Heartbreak Bay, by Rachel Caine. Book 5 of her Stillhouse Lake series of thrillers.

Previous pre-orders that showed up but which I’ve counted on the yearly tally already:

  • Raybearer, by Jordan Ifueko.

142 for the year.

Oh hey look another ebook roundup post

Because I may have been doing a lot of Kobo lately!

Pre-orders for The Relentless Moon, Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Shadow of Kyoshi, The Immortal City, and Harrow the Ninth all showed up. It’s PREORDERPALOOZA up in here. But I’ve already counted all these titles on totals, so I won’t count them again here.

Newly pre-ordered from Kobo:

  • When No One is Watching, by Alyssa Cole. Nabbed this because I already know I love Cole’s work, and I love her in particular because she’s excellent at handling various sub-genres of romance. It’ll be interesting to see how she handles writing a thriller!

Bought straight up from Kobo:

  • Haunted, by Cathy Pegau. Not sure if this is mystery, paranormal romance, or maybe a little bit of both, but it sounds charming and I told Cathy straight up on Twitter that I loved the cover.
  • Interference, by Sue Burke. SF. Nabbed this because it’s the second half of the duology that started with Semiosis. While I wasn’t a hundred percent in love with that book, it did still stand out in my mind as one of the more original SF novels I’ve read lately, and I want to see where this storyline goes next.
  • Seven Devils, by Laura Lam and Elizabeth May. SF, and in particular, self-described as “feminist space opera”, which I am HERE FOR. Also was totally sold by the authors pitching it on Twitter thusly: “If you wished Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars had more murder, women, and sapphic moments, we wrote this for you. IF YOU WANT TO SEE ASSHOLE FASCISTS GET PUNCHED IN THE FACE, we wrote this for you”. SOLD.
  • The Consuming Fire, by John Scalzi. SF, book 2 of his Interdependency series. Nabbed this because I also know I already like Scalzi’s work, and I enjoyed book 1 of this series in particular, The Last Emperox. I know this one’s been out for a while, but I finally got it when it went briefly on sale for $2.99.

And oh yes, can’t forget this either:

  • Silver in the Wood, by Emily Tesh. Fantasy. Grabbed this one from’s freebie ebook of the month club. I’d had half an eye on this one, so was pleased to see it available as a freebie!

133 for the year.

Because I fixed crossposting ebook roundup

Latest ebooks I’ve acquired, you all know the drill.

Picked up from Kobo:

  • Upright Women Wanted, by Sarah Gailey. Had my eye on this one as a post-apocalyptic Western-flavored thing starring queer women serving as Librarians–charged with taking books to communities in the oppressive society they live in.
  • Reborn Yesterday, by Tessa Bailey. Paranormal romance featuring vampires. The Bitchery seemed to like this one and it was on sale for 99 cents, and I liked the cover and the sample I read. So thought I’d give it a go.
  • Chilling Effect, by Valerie Valdes. SF. This one was also on sale, and I nabbed it in part because the protagonist appears to be Latinx and this has an impact on the dialogue. Plus I am intrigued by her ship having to deliver a cargo of superintelligent telepathic cats, and since the blurb is setting it up as humorous space opera, I’m here for that.
  • Santa Olivia, by Jacqueline Carey. This one’s actually been out a while, and I had my eye on it as it’s a superhero story set in the American Southwest. Grabbed it finally as it was on sale for $1.99.

Pre-ordered from Kobo:

  • The Conductors, by Nicole Glover. Historical/urban fantasy with protagonists of color and this one does seem like fun. More info on the book can be found on the author’s site here.

127 for the year.

Ebook roundup, Storybundle edition

I saw three different sets of books being promoted via Storybundle on Twitter today, so I decided to splurge and get all three of ’em. As of this writing the bundles are still available, so if any of these sound interesting to you, you should check them out!

I’m not going to list every single title here, otherwise the post would be way too damned long. But I will link you up with the actual pages on!

These bundles are timed offers, so if any of them sound interesting to you, get on it:

SFWA Fantastic Beasts Bundle, good for another 11 days, 15 books if you pay at least $15

Pride 2020 Bundle, good for another 25 days, 11 books if you pay at least $15

African Speculative Fiction Bundle, good for another five days, 10 titles if you pay at least $15; note that these are all anthologies/collections of shorter works

122 total for the year.

Ebook roundup, anti-racism edition

Trying a new thing with this particular book roundup, and including actual purchase links for all the titles. In case any of you all want to buy these titles for yourselves, particularly the anti-racism reading, I thought it might behoove me to make it a little easier for you.

For almost all titles, I have included the link off to Kobo where I bought them from, but I have also included the link to the title on If you’re not familiar with that site, it’s an aggregate site for indie booksellers, and I encourage you to look into it if you’d like to buy print books from somewhere that isn’t Amazon.

On to the books! Purchased from Kobo for purposes of educating myself about systemic racism in this country:

  • Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?, by Beverly Daniel Tatum. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • When They Call You a Terrorist, by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • Eloquent Rage, by Brittney Cooper. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo. I’ve actually already read this, but I read it as a library book before, and under the current circumstances I feel it important to own a copy. I can definitely recommend this as critical reading. [Kobo] [Bookshop]

Purchased from Kobo because I wanted to support some authors of color:

  • A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, by Roseanne A. Brown. YA Fantasy. Nabbed this because the title is awesome. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • Raybearer, by Jordan Ifueko. YA Fantasy. Nabbed this because its cover is gorgeous, because I liked what I read in the sample. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • A Song Below Water, by Bethany C. Morrow. YA Fantasy. Nabbed this because mermaids are cool. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • The City We Became, by N.K. Jemisin. Urban fantasy. Nabbed this because I already knew N.K. Jemisin is an amazing writer, and because I read the original short work on that precipitated this novel. [Kobo] [Bookshop]

Also purchased from Kobo:

  • Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig. Apocalyptic SF. Grabbed this one because I already know I like Wendig’s work, and because I’m half in the mood for this kind of story given current national and world events. [Kobo] [Bookshop]
  • Blood Shot, by Tanya Huff. Urban fantasy. This is a collection of short stories featuring Vicki Nelson, post-dating the main Blood series. Only available in ebook form, I think? [Kobo]

And lastly, purchased from Amazon:

  • Knit One, Girl Two, by Shira Glassman. F/F romance. Grabbed this because a) I think the title is adorable, b) it got some positive buzz on Smart Bitches, and c) the world is a flaming trash fire right now and every so often I just need a sweet little novella about two nice girls who like each other. Only available on Amazon for the Kindle, though. Sorry, anybody who reads on other platforms! [Amazon]
  • Conquest, by Celeste Harte. Futuristic sci-fi fantasy. This is another author of color, and I saw her work getting plugged on Twitter so I decided to check it out. She thanked me directly and was very sweet about it. <3 Go give her book a look, won’t you? [Amazon] [Bookshop]
  • The Undoing, by Shelly Laurenston. Paranormal romance/urban fantasy, book 2 of her Call of Crows series. Nabbed it because it went on sale for $1.99 for a little bit there, though it appears to no longer be on sale at that price. [Amazon] [Bookshop]

86 for the year.