Raising a glass in honor

Today I read this article on CNN.com about a woman named Mississippi Winn, the oldest known African-American, passing away at the age of 113.

And I have got to say, I am in awe of that number. Not to mention the various bits about Miss Winn’s life the article shares–how she never married, how her father was born in 1844 and her mother in 1860, and how they could have possibly actually remembered slavery, only she never, ever talked about that. She’d always duck the topic.

She never learned to drive, either, and apparently also lived in Seattle for a while!

She lived through the entire 20th century, and I can only begin to imagine how watching the world change as much as it did during that century must have seemed to her.

113 was an awesome run, Miss Winn, and I hope you rest well. You’ve earned it.