Open Source is the future of PAIN

Current status of newmoon: fucked.

I had discovered that the reason the box wasn’t ssh’able upon bootup was that ssh was segfaulting. So were the imap and pop3 daemons, and all of them were bitching about Fine, I think, and as per userinfosolarbird‘s advice, I decide to pull /usr/lib out of newmoon’s last backup files.

Which went swimmingly until the part where I tried to cut into the extraction from the tar file, which must have been before the damn files were actually extracted properly. Because when I copied them in on top of /usr/lib on newmoon and rebooted, they bitched about being “too short”. And now I can’t even log in to the damn box, even from the console. I try to log in as root, and I never get a password prompt, and it tells me “Invalid login”.

So now I’m going to have to create a Debian Live CD, in the hopes that booting from THAT will let me fix the damn system, and if that doesn’t work I’m going to have to ctrl-alt-fuckit and see if I can just upgrade to the new Debian 6 release. And that’s going to take oh so very long given that the Murkworks’ bandwidth is CRAP. And this is assuming we even keep door and lodestone running, given that we have a Wind Advisory up until 9pm this evening, with the potential of 50mph gusts.

All of which, given that a) I am fighting off a cold and really wanted to curled up under a blanket for most of this afternoon, and b) I wanted to be editing my novel today rather than doing emergency system repair, does NOT have me in a pleasant mood right now. I swear, right here and right now, that the next person who tries to preach to me about how awesome Linux is and how much better off we’d all be running Open Source software is going to get a keyboard shoved down their throat. When it comes to Open Source vs. The Damn Software Works Without Me Having to Google How to Do Every Step of the Process, you know what? I’ll take The Damn Software Works.

Newmoon damaged by power spike, murkworks mail down

We just had a couple of power spikes at the Murk, like we do. This time though they appear to have taken out one of our UPSes–and it was the one that newmoon, our mail server, was plugged into. When I tried to bring newmoon back up, it worked for a while and then hung. I am not currently able to log into the system to restart its services.

So this means that as of this afternoon, mail services on are down. This impacts not only personal accounts but the various mailing lists we run. Please spread the word if you’re on any of our mailing lists, and if you have backup personal email accounts, let people know they should use them this weekend if they need to get in touch with you.

userinfosolarbird or I will post here when we have more updates. Watch here, either of our journals, or my Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Sorry about this, folks. :/