And speaking of reasons to need my passport

Early warning to all my Canadian peeps who haven’t seen me mention this on Facebook, Twitter, or G+ already: next year, userinfosolarbird and I wish to have a Great Canadian Trainventure!

The core of this is this music festival in St. John’s. I’ve wanted to hear Newfoundland music on Newfoundland soil for a while now, and so when I saw Mr. Hallett of the B’ys tweet about this, I went HEY! Also, I do have writing-related reasons I want to see St. John’s, as those of you who’ve read Faerie Blood have probably heard me mention–and I’m given to understand that if you want to visit Newfoundland, July-August is about the window wherein the weather is probably not going to suck.

But! The Trainventure part of this comes in with how Dara and I want to take the train across the country rather than fly, and stop in interesting places on the way. userinfobrightbeak has already favored me with a wealth of recommendations if we get to stop in her neck of the woods in New Brunswick. I will however very definitely welcome other recommendations on Interesting Places to Stop, keeping in mind that our travel route will be between Vancouver and St. John’s, and that I’ll probably have about three weeks’ total time to play with, the core of which will be the festival.

Also, for those of you who actually are in Newfoundland, if you have any recommendations on good little hotels or bed-and-breakfast type places that Dara and I might stay in in St. John’s when we’re there, I will totally want to hear them.

And if any of you want to arrange to see us, let me know! Actual details won’t be hammered out until early 2012 probably, but I wanted to get the word out just so interested people can start discussing it with me. :)