Not that I have any expectations or anything

But since it IS getting to be that time of the year*, just in case anybody** might be, like, y’know, stumped for ideas or anything, I note this and also this, this, this, and this.

Also, these or these are always lovely.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. ;)

* By which I mean, that “roughly Solstice through late January time of year when I really shouldn’t be buying anything”, and
** By whom I mean, certain specific persons. If you’re not sure if you’re one of those specific persons, feel free to ignore this post!

Raspberry Girl

As y’all know I’ve grown quite fond of daily stops to visit the nice boys who run the table for Frank’s at Pike Place. I know a few of them by name and a few more of them by face at this point, and several of them know me.

One of them, a young rather cute fellow of Asian extraction, told me he was learning how to take pictures and asked if I could be a guinea pig for him. I said sure, and he promised me prints when he got the picture developed, while I thought to myself OH RIGHT that actually has to happen for pictures on real film, doesn’t it?

When I stopped by tonight for my usual raspberries (and by ‘stopped by’ I mean ‘sneaky excuse to bid them all a pleasant holiday’, and by ‘all’ I really mean ‘the really cute one with the glasses and the ponytail, but I didn’t say that in my Outside Voice’), he gave me two copies of the pic! One was too dark but the other wasn’t half bad, so I snapped a pic of it with my iPhone to share here.

Even though it’s kind of meta to post a picture of a picture of yourself, no?

Raspberry Girl
Raspberry Girl