I realized tonight, seeing both userinfomamishka and userinfoalg enthuse over tonight’s episode of Castle, that I have a sad, sad lack of Castle-related icons in my life!

However, thanks to comminfocastleicons, I was quickly able to rectify this problem. Props to users userinfotellmewhyxx and userinfotxduck, whose icons I scarfed and have added to the userpics pages of both my LJ and Dreamwidth accounts! Check ’em out:

I need to find one of Castle actually writing as well, but this assortment should do me nicely for now. <3

And now, a gratuitous icon post!

It occurred to me that if I was going to go around calling my LJ “Ordinary Day”, I should damn well have a default icon that reflects that. So for the benefit of those of you looking at this on my various LJ-flavored sites, check out the Alan and Sean loverliness. That shot is of course from the video for the song. The icon is by userinfoturple_purtle, who was the provider of just about all of the GBS icons I use.

And if you’re looking at this on, here!

Steinbeck! Hemingway! SCUZZBOPPER!

If you happen to be like me and am crossposting these days over to LJ and LJ-related sites off of WordPress, you might want to give a look to the shiny new version of the JournalPress plugin. It just upgraded to version 0.3 and includes, finally, support for letting you choose what userpic you want when the post shows up on LJ!

This gives me a Happy, since it takes a few extra steps out of my crossposting efforts. And lets me specifically do something like oh, say, choose to show those of you who’re looking at this post on LJ or Dreamwidth the shiny new icon that userinfospazzkat made me! It’s a new version of Great Amurkian Novel, featuring Scuzzbopper, who is arguably my personal muse. I <3 Scuzzie so.

But for those who’re looking at this post via WordPress, here’s the icon itself, behind the fold!

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