New Hidden Expedition game, woo!

If I may take a moment to do a work-related post, I am delighted to spread the news that we have a shiny new Hidden Expeditions game out! Check out Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands, newly released today! (This is the PC Collector’s Edition of the game–if you’re a Mac user, sit tight, we should have the Mac version available soon too!)

Also, we have a shiny new site for the entire Hidden Expedition series, right over here! Highly recommended, especially Hidden Expedition: Amazon. I’ve played that a couple times now, on full computers as well as on my iPad!

Attention, my fellow i-Device-owning peeps

As a Big Fish Games employee, it is my duty to inform you all that we’re having a massive sale of all our iPhone and iPad games this weekend–every last one of ’em is .99 a pop. Go! Buy a few! You’ll be paying my paycheck, and hey, I’m FOR that. :D

I am personally very fond of Hidden Expedition: Amazon on the iPad (excellent soundtrack, fun plot, monkeys, and a dorky professor you have to find using clues left in his scattered journal pages), and Atlantis: Sky Patrol has some fun marble-shooty action going on, with a bit of retro, art deco sort of look to it. Drawn: The Painted Tower is gorgeous. And Azada is a nice family-friendly game that those of you with i-Devices AND kids might enjoy playing along with a youngster, since it’s all about various and sundry classic stories.

Search for Big Fish Games on the App Store, or, if you want a super-quick way to get to all of our i-games at once, you can find ’em on our site right over here.