Backing out of Seattle Sherlock panels

I go and announce a thing I’m attending in a writerly capacity–and then keel over and have to go to the hospital. Figures. *^_^*;;

Due to the previously mentioned hospital incident, folks, I feel I must play it safe and back out of the panels I agreed to participate in at the Sherlock Seattle convention this weekend. Energy permitting, I will still try to attend just as an attendee, so maybe I’ll still get to see folks there!

Missed CoyoteCon, oops, and a fellow author recommendation!

Y’all know how I said I was going to be participating in CoyoteCon this past weekend? Um, yeah, well, that kind of fell through with the whole suddenly having to be in the hospital for five days thing I just had to do. Happily I’m fine now, but I was sad to miss the CoyoteCon fun. If you were in on that, tell me what I missed, hey?

Meanwhile though I’d like to give a shoutout to fellow former Drollerie author Michael Stewart, who just released a new YA novella with zombies into the wild. Right now Ruination is only available for the Kindle since he’s released it via KDP Select. So if you’re a Kindle user, go check it out! And if you’re not a Kindle user and think this story might be your cup of tea regardless, let Michael know so he’ll be able to get it to you when his KDP Select period runs out!

I read and quite liked his novel 24 Bones, so I’m very happy to recommend him. Go give him a look, mmkay?