Exercise update

I’m down to 178 pounds as of this morning, which is frankly stunning to me. That’s three pounds for this week, which is twice as much as I was expecting based on earlier performance in this whole endeavor. And it’s down a half a pound from yesterday, even though I had two breadsticks with pizza. And man, those Pagliacci breadsticks? Super-tasty, but expensive calorie-wise.

(This would be the part where a little voice in my brain is going “I REGRET NOTHING!” I’m going to be shutting it up by getting on the treadmill anyway, or at least walking down to the shops.)

Anyway, overall, this is 14 pounds down from where I started in early December. Going by my previous records, the last time I weighed 178 was in November of 2007, so it’s like 2 1/4 years. Not bad. We’ll see where I am after another couple months of doing this LoseIt thing.

Meanwhile, for posterity’s sake, I should also note that I did finally finish the Eowyn Challenge this month. I haven’t been posting updates about that mostly because I decided that those numbers were really mostly interesting to me, but I assure y’all I did keep at it! Ultimately it ran for me just shy of five years; going back and looking, I started it on 2/17/05, and ended on 2/4/10. Lots of miles walked. I didn’t start tracking my weight along with it until August of ’05, at which point I was 167 pounds.

I was toying with the idea of doing another run through the Challenge, following Frodo’s route rather than Aragorn’s, though right now it seems kind of redundant giving that I’m tracking calorie, weight, and exercise data via LoseIt. Now, if there were an Eowyn’s Challenge iPhone app that also tracked your weight and calorie consumption, that would be AWESOME.

Until somebody codes that, though, I think I’ll stick with LoseIt for the time being. Wish me luck, folks. 14 pounds down, another 28 to go!