PernMUSH Logs

f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

herder-recruit.txt -- 5/8/97
Caitria attempts to cajole 12-Turn-old Mehlani into the Herdercraft; Mehlani encounters Torlin, whose brown fire lizard decides he likes the girl a lot.
dev-visit.txt -- 7/18/97
Devlin comes back to visit Benden Weyr, startling Mehlani, when she realizes that he's gotten rather alarmingly taller... and suspiciously more like a Boy.
wet-f'hlan.txt -- 7/19/97
During the Benden Weyr Spring Games, F'hlan, restless about having just turned 40, allows his young wingmate Kassima to coax him into a dunking booth to help raise marks for a tapestry.
dev-visit-2.txt -- 8/9/97
Still visiting Benden Weyr, Devlin teases Mehlani about the 'creature of the Mines', before returning to his Crafthall.
dev-teasing.txt -- 9/7/97
Devlin returns to the Weyr for a posting, and teases Mehlani in the Records Room about his brown fire lizard's attachment to her, and her being 'pretty'.
kassi-snow-sculpture.txt -- 9/19/97
While proddy Kassima builds outlandish snow sculptures in the bowl of the Weyr--and throws knives at them--Caitria makes another go at recruiting Mehlani into the Herdercraft.
dragonpoker.txt -- 9/20/97
While T'fian brings the newly Searched Sanjeet to the Weyr and J'lyn presents Kindre with a surprise gift, Mehlani startles several dragonriders by winning two hands of dragonpoker.
tzornth-washing.txt -- 9/21/97
Fulfilling Mehlani's winning bets in dragonpoker, Kassima, along with her cousins Kestar and Eyrian, assist F'hlan and Mehlani in washing bronze Tzornth; Kassima and Asrai tease F'hlan mercilessly about the recent activities of the lower caverns girls; F'hlan's green Neme starts to rise, prompting F'hlan and his daughter to make an abrupt exit.
flight-aftermath.txt -- 9/21/97
After Tzornth and F'hlan manage to kick Holl out of F'hlan's green Neme's mating flight, Holl is heartbroken... and a sobbing Mehlani, reacting badly to her bronze's misery, is comforted by Dathon, Ceria, T'lar, and Kindre--and bronze Nicoth, who bespeaks the girl. Kindre surreptitiously slips Mehlani spiked juice, hoping to help calm her down.
lani-hangover.txt -- 9/22/97
Mehlani, suffering from the effects of the spiked juice Kindre had given her, is discovered by a concerned Devlin, sleeping curled up in Tsornin's stable in the Benden beasthold.
salless-death.txt -- 9/22/97
While searching for his daughter Mehlani to try to comfort her through the inevitable troubling aftermath of her bronze firelizard winning a mating flight, F'hlan stumbles across a rather more solemn situation in the Living Cavern: Salless peacefully passing away, much to the distress of adults, littles, and dragons all over the Weyr.
holl-flight.txt -- 9/22/97
Mehlani's bronze firelizard Holl participates in--and wins--his first mating flight, but in the aftermath of the flight Mehlani hears the dragons of the Weyr beginning to keen. And she discovers, to her distress, that Salless has passed peacefully away in the living caverns.
egg-painting.txt -- 9/28/97
Mehlani, Kassima, her cousins Kestar and Eyrian, and several others engage in painting smooth stones to resemble the clutch currently on the sands at Benden Weyr.

mehlani's 14th turn: arrival at telgar weyr

k'star-teasing.txt -- 12/7/97
Mehlani discovers to her amazed chagrin that rumors are starting to go around about K'star being her beau -- encouraged by Jorenan, who states point-blank to the girl that "He likes you, Mehlani, and that's a fact."
inquisition.txt -- 12/13/97
While Mehlani sleeps in the Infirmary under Healer Mishaelle's care, K'tyn comes to visit the girl -- and finds an opportunity to question K'star when the brown rider Weyrling, worried about Mehlani and bringing her flowers, comes to see her as well. [1]

mehlani's 15th turn: the gift wars

gift-plans.txt -- 12/17/97
Mehlani's fire lizards meet the fair of Tamali, a reserved young woman; 'Lani also strikes up a conversation with N'kshar, though she is interrupted when K'tyn promotes A'lex onto Skyfire Wing, and Jaeleka shares a lullaby she's written... leaving Mehlani to inquire of Kassima what gifts she might give K'star and E'rian to celebrate their graduation. Kassima's gift suggestion, however, floors 'Lani badly...
kilt-teasing.txt -- 12/17/97
'Lani becomes the unexpected target of the teasing of Jaeleka, when the younger girl and a visitor to the Weyr attempt to practice flirting; later, Mehlani finds that rumors of her impending kilt construction are too far-flung for comfort.
k'star-talk.txt -- 12/18/97
After a distressing encounter with Alwyn and Sandar, Mehlani flees to the Records Room... only to be discovered hiding there by K'star.
songbook-gift.txt -- 12/22/97
Some relentless teasing at the hands of Calalin and a remarkably well-timed appearance of a freshly bathed E'rian send a mortified Mehlani fleeing for the refuge of the Records Room -- only to run, again, into K'star, who amazes her with a second gift. [1]
e'rian-gift-II.txt -- 12/29/97
While both Ofira and Jorenan display some deeply disturbing behavior, E'rian outdoes them both by giving Mehlani another gift -- a fine pendant of silver and opal, along with many compliments.
matchmaking.txt -- 12/31/97
Fortunately for Mehlani, she does not overhear Ofira and Kassima debating the merits of matchmaking, though Jorenan does; Mehlani does, however, overhear a number of references to bawdy songs when Davidon returns to Telgar Weyr from a sojourn to Kassima's home Hold of Greystones.


  1. These logs were contributed to my archive by Kassima.

  2. These logs were contributed to my archive by Selandra.