PernMUSH Logs

f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

infirmary.txt -- 4/9/96
Fahloran comes to see his wounded father in the Infirmary, after F'hlan is wounded in Fall -- and loses his bronze Sioll and gold Narie in the process.
zibrith-flight.txt -- 4/16/96
Tzornth flies green Zibrith, Elyandra's dragon.

attack.txt -- June 1996
Attack of the Evil Glowing Proddy Zombie Lower Caverns Girls. 'Nuff said!

f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

Some Holders, Crafters, and Weyrfolk Walked Into a Bar.... -- June 1996
Much to his surprise and more pleasure than he's about to admit, F'hlan is invited by several younger riders off on a pub crawl across Pern. (This log is from Kassima's point of view and lives on her logs archive!)
puberty.txt -- 6/8/96
Fahloran angsts at his parents and sister about the onset of puberty.
trouble.txt -- 6/21/96
While her gold Leilanth draws closer to rising to mate, a drunken Jehrina talks with F'hlan at the Hot Springs.

puberty-return.txt -- July 1996
The Return of Puberty: The Hormonal Nightmare!
quest.txt -- August 1996
Part I of the Saga of the Arcane Bonding Ritual. [1]
quest2.txt -- August 1996
Part II of the Saga of the Arcane Bonding Ritual. [1]

f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

lani-n-devlin.txt -- 8/21/96
Mehlani and Devlin have a talk in the Benden Weyr Bowl.
devlin-gift.txt -- 8/24/96
Devlin gives Mehlani a Turning Day gift.
dev-newvoice.txt -- 9/5/96
F'hlan finds out from R'till that Fahloran teased Devlin, whose voice is starting to change.
dev-newvoice-2.txt -- 9/5/96
Mehlani discovers Fahloran's teasing from Devlin, and is also aghast to discover that she might be scaring Devlin now, just because she's a girl...
dev-newvoice-3.txt -- 9/6/96
F'hlan has a talk with Fahloran about the situation with Devlin.
dev-newvoice-4.txt -- 9/19/96
Fahloran tells Mehlani he's apologized to Devlin.
post-asabeth-flight.txt -- 9/27/96
After Tzornth is wounded in a green flight, Mehlani is comforted by several dragons, several grownups, and Devlin. Lal and Kassima reveal their full names in the Lower Caverns.
ne-fl-hatching.txt -- 10/24/96
Part 1 of a Northern Exposure-themed fire lizard hatching at Benden Weyr, run by Ryialla, in which F'hlan Impresses a green -- no surprises here -- and Mehlani a bronze. [1]
ne-fl-hatching-2.txt -- 10/24/96
Part 2 of the Northern Exposure fire lizard hatching.
ne-fl-hatching-3.txt -- 10/24/96
Part 3 of the Northern Exposure fire lizard hatching. Mehlani Impresses bronze Holl, and her father F'hlan is pegged by a Spiritual Turquoise Green Hatchling...
ne-fl-hatching-4.txt -- 10/24/96
Part 4 of the Northern Exposure hatching, in which F'hlan is nudged into Impressing green Mari.
fahloran-leave.txt -- 10/25/96
Fahloran leaves Benden Weyr to study at the Healer Hall.
lani-singing.txt -- 11/12/96
Mehlani sings for Skye in the Benden Weyr Lower Caverns.
lesson.txt -- 11/14/96
Mehlani attends a singing class of Skye's, but angers two misbehaving twin boys.

indyholl.txt -- December 1996
In her further attempt to make life utterly miserable for F'hlan and his do-gooder daughter, Kassima polymorphs Mehlani's bronze fire lizard Holl into Indiana Jones -- and whaps Mehlani with a puberty bomb, then sends them both on a quest to recover the Ring of F'lar from the Temple of Swoon. [1]
indyholl-2.txt -- December 1996
Indiana Holl and Kassima must rescue Mehlani from being sacrified by Aztec Swoonpriests. Yes, it's as goofy as it sounds. [1]
indyholl-3.txt -- December 1996
Indiana Holl, Mehlani, and Kassima escape from the Temple of Swoon. [1]

f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

skye-recruit.txt -- 12/17/96
Weyrharper Skye attempts to convince F'hlan to let Mehlani join the Harpercraft.
lal-visit.txt -- 12/17/96
Just before she leaves on her transfer to Ista Weyr, Lal asks F'hlan his opinion on bronze riders.


  1. These logs were contributed to my archive by Kassima.

  2. These logs were contributed to my archive by Selandra.