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f'hlan and his family at benden weyr

flirk-klah.txt -- May 1993
F'hlan and Benden Weyr's Steward Lytal, while F'hlan's two oldest green fire lizards are proddy, discover exactly how potent Flirk's infamous klah really is.
Tiamanth's Second Hatching -- 10/1/93
In which Tiamanth's second Clutch Hatches to the excitement of Benden Weyr... and in which one of the Lower Caverns Girls with a penchant for swooning over Tzornth's rider almost becomes a Weyrling! Impressing in this log: S'drel on bronze Avoth, Nicholah on blue Aelyth, Cl'rek on brown Orrith, R'chard on green Briseth, Merla on gold Kimbrith, and Ariane on green Rhiapeth.


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