Under the right circumstances…

… with the right motivation, I can in fact get quite blottoed.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, userinfosolarbird and I are watching “Spock’s Brain”. With homemade kamikazes. The only way to handle this episode, we’re here to tell you.

We’ve got chocolate too. Just because!

And we were taking a drink on every occurrence of the word “brain”. We made it as far as “brain and brain, what is brain?!” before running out of boozahol! Time to break out the rest of the Mike’s for emergency backup booze!

Trek trek trekity trek trek trek

So yeah, on Friday night, solarbird and spazzkat and I went to go have tasty sushi and see the new Trek movie. The sushi was undisputably tasty, as was the plum wine I had with it. We had a bit of a difference of opinion as to the tastiness of the movie, though!

Picoreview on my part: Big Stupid Fun. There are bits of science in it that make you go “wait, WHAT?” even by Trek standards. But here’s the thing: at least while I was watching the movie, I didn’t care. All the characters were Right and that’s pretty much what counted as far as I am concerned. Bonus points for Dara and I having fun geeking about the ramifications of events in the movie, and Dara telling me that say what you will about this new film, it’s gotten her Trekgeeking for the first time in twenty years.

Spoilers behind the cut!

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