Tonight’s amusing conversation with the Handsome Marketboy

So there I am stopping by my marketboys on the way home for my evening round of tasty!fruit when I find that my favorite Handsome Marketboy has the stand all to himself. Hurray, I’m thinking, as he says hi and asks me how my day has gone.

I tell him I have to work tonight but a nice man is about to sell me blackberries and an avocado, so hey! And he asks me what I do with all the money.

Buy books, mostly, I say–because as you know, my children, some women buy purses or shoes, but me, I buy books!

Handsome Marketboy looks a bit boggled and asks, have I not heard of the library? It’s like Netflix, only for books! I explain that I want to Own All of the Books, because this man clearly has no conception of how much I read. I am, obviously, going to have to explain this to him. ;)

(After, of course, I buy All of the Blackberries. Because nom.)

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Angela Korra'ti

As Angela Highland, Angela is the writer of the Rebels of Adalonia epic fantasy series with Carina Press. As Angela Korra'ti, she writes the Free Court of Seattle urban fantasy series. She's also an amateur musician and devoted fan of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s amusing conversation with the Handsome Marketboy”

  1. No, no. It’s “…Own ALL the Books!” Envision that with a Hyperbole-and-a-Half style illustration.

    1. HEE, it’s either that, or else my Chibi Anna Mii, who is the tiniest possible Mii with a sticky-outty tiny ponytail behind her ENORMOUS HEAD, carrying around a stack of paperbacks three times her height. And the Nook on top. And an iPad. :D

  2. While I agree that I full-heartedly support my local library when I can, there are some books that are worth buying.

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