Still keeping the book industry in business

Scattered bits of book purchasing over the last several days–and yet again, both physical and electronic purchases. Behold:

userinfoseanan_mcguire‘s Rosemary and Rue, in paperback; urban fantasy, and likely to be read as soon as I finish my current library books.

Malinda Lo’s Ash, which is a lesbian retelling of Cinderella, in YA fantasy novel form, and pretty much too awesome a concept to pass up. Also because as the author herself said, gay people need fairy tales too. Bought in hardback.

Salt and Silver, a paranormal romance by Anna Katherine, the pen name for the writing duo of which the redoubtable userinfoalg is half. Paperback.

And, a bunch of ebooks because Fictionwise gave me a shiny coupon for 25% off my next order, since I took a survey for them:

And Only to Deceive, a period mystery by Tasha Alexander. Discovered after I got mailing list mail about a later book of this series coming out, so I thought I’d take a shot.

By Shannon K. Butcher, two unrelated romances: Burning Alive and No Escape, because I wanted to get caught up on her stuff.

Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap by Doranna Durgin, since I’m getting caught up on her stuff too.

And, entirely because it’s set in Canada and involves a Mountie and okay yeah fine I like Due South, and also because it got squeed over on Smart Bitches, Loreth Anne White’s category romance Manhunter. The title is goofy, but I won’t be reading this for high literature, I assure you. ;)

So! With eight more books, that brings the purchase total this year up to 82.

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