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In further news of the surreal, Jen in Nova Scotia clarifies for me that our little jamming group has been in fact played on two stations in Halifax. I had some data about call letters and frequencies a bit mixed up, but now I have it straight and this is the skinny. We’ve been played on:

  • 96.9 CKAX FM, a small independent station, privately owned. This is apparently the one where we got actual calls!
  • 97.5 CKDU FM, a radio station affiliated with Dalhousie University. Also small, as one would expect of a college station.

We still think this is all very strange and surreal. Jen is still claiming her friend Garth who owns a pub is swearing he wants to pay us to come play — but we have yet to hear on that. At the moment, we’re still planning to remind him we’re a pack of amateurs. ;)

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