In Which Delga Becomes Thane of Riften

High amount of things accomplished this session! Got Nettlebane and brought Danica Pure-Spring a sapling of Eldergleam. Cleared Ustengrav, and discovered some mysterious party had made off with the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (ohnoez WHO COULD IT BE). Got Noster One-Eye in Solitude his missing helmet. Got enough ingredients to go finish up Balimund’s quest and a bonus, enough ice wraith teeth for Marise. So I was able to eventually buy Honeyside, and become Thane of Riften!

I started the Bards College quest, just to get the skill bumps off of that. And parked myself at Forsaken Cave to do the White Phial retrieval.

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In Which Delga Visits the Greybeards

Whoops, I completely forgot to put up yesterday’s Skyrim post. This is for the playing I did on Tuesday, 11/2/2021.

Main point of this session was to go see the Greybeards and get their initial training on how to use Shouts, including the second word of Unrelenting Force and the first word of Whirlwind Sprint.

Also had my first encounter with Miraak cultists, and cleared Silent Moons Camp.

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In Which the Dragonborn Follows Up on that Wolf Queen Problem

Highlights of last night’s Skyrim run:

  • Taking another crack at Mount Anthor and finding out about the “source of power” there
  • Getting a direct request from Elisif the Fair to take her slain husband’s war-horn to a shrine of Talos
  • Returning to Solitude to report in on that–only to learn from Falk Firebeard that oh shit Potema’s spirit is still active and loose in the Solitude Catacombs

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