In Which Delga Routs Necromancers in Hob’s Fall Cave and Bandits in Silverdrift Lair

Another side quests type session, focusing on getting the word off the Word Wall in Silverdrift Lair, and then retrieving the flute for Pantea at the Bards College.

Where, I discovered to my shock, it is actually possible for the college NPCs to have a class! :O

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In Which Delga Becomes Thane of Riften

High amount of things accomplished this session! Got Nettlebane and brought Danica Pure-Spring a sapling of Eldergleam. Cleared Ustengrav, and discovered some mysterious party had made off with the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (ohnoez WHO COULD IT BE). Got Noster One-Eye in Solitude his missing helmet. Got enough ingredients to go finish up Balimund’s quest and a bonus, enough ice wraith teeth for Marise. So I was able to eventually buy Honeyside, and become Thane of Riften!

I started the Bards College quest, just to get the skill bumps off of that. And parked myself at Forsaken Cave to do the White Phial retrieval.

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In Which Delga Acquires the Rueful Axe

Main theme of this session was Daedric questing–not only going after the Rueful Axe to satisfy Clavicus Vile, but also bringing Meridia’s beacon to her statue and beginning the quest to get Dawnbreaker!

And I’m way more interested in Dawnbreaker than the Masque, so Vile’s just going to have to wait until I cleanse Meridia’s temple for her!

(Posting this late on a Saturday but this is actually the play session for Friday the 5th.)

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In Which the Dragonborn is Reminded of the Main Plot

Last night’s run was me finally going “y’know, I really ought to move the main plot of this game along another notch”—but, being me, that wasn’t all I did, either! Main highlights:

  • Bopped up to Shearpoint and killed the dragon priest Krosis, as well as another generated dragon
  • Went to Riften to finally find Esbern and save him from Thalmor agents, then get him to Riverwood
  • While in Riften, talked with the smith and promised I’d bring him fire salts
  • After promising Delphine and Esbern I’d meet them at Karthspire, stopped home in Whiterun to get my stash of fire salts, bought another sample from Arcadia, and bopped up to Solitude to get more from Proudspire
  • On the way to Solitude, killed me an Elder Dragon
  • Got the Solitude carriage driver out of his loop by having him take me to Riften, rather than fast traveling
  • Determined that the generic Dragon I killed at Shearpoint had not cleared the dragon corpse haunting Whiterun
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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Volskygge

For this session, I had two main overall goals:

  1. Following up on the “Letter from a Friend” that advised me to go find “the source of power” at Volskygge
  2. Seeing if I could generate a new dragon to kill, to see if I could clear the dragon corpse haunting Whiterun

Main highlights as follows:

  • Let Lydia have a break, as I went up to Solitude to sell and craft some more stuff, and to buy more furnishings for Proudspire Manor
  • Got Jordis the Sword-Maiden to follow me over to Volskygge, since it was a moderate walk east of Solitude
  • Killed a Blood Dragon on the way
  • Encountered some Companions for the first time, surprisingly north of Whiterun
  • Also killed a couple of Forsworn
  • Found Volskygge and started to clear it out, but realized I was too overloaded already—and that Jordis really needed better armor anyway, so I blipped back to Solitude to get her better outfitted and drop off other things
  • Returned to Volskygge via fast travel to clear it for real
  • Several bandits and lots and lots of draugr in Volskygge
  • Found the Word Wall with the third word of Whirlwind Sprint
  • Killed the Dragon Priest Volsung and got his mask!
  • Fast traveled back to the Western Watchtower twice actually, because a Frost Dragon showed up the first time and guards got in my way while I was fighting it, and I accidentally hit one and pissed them off, oops, rollback time
  • Fast travel the second time to the Watchtower also triggered a dragon, but it never landed, so I didn’t fight it
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In Which the Dragonborn’s Player Completely Forgot a Post

It has come to my attention that I COMPLETELY MISSED a Skyrim write up. Because I have also done the first of the two quests fearing the Wolf Queen, Potema! This was done for Sunday’s run, between the Thalmor Embassy (and the two minor quests in Solitude), and the Mind of Madness Quest.

I did actually try write this up before, but I think I accidentally deleted it without meaning to. Oops. So let’s try this again, shall we?

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