Yeah okay Skyrim IS pretty awesome

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve turned into a console gamer thanks to Paul giving me a Switch!

And I gotta say, while Animal Crossing continues to be highly entertaining, I’m getting just as much enjoyment out of playing Skyrim. I’ve been doing play by plays of my progress on both Facebook and Twitter, since multiple people are telling me they’re highly enjoying experiencing Skyrim again through my first-time eyes.

So I’m not going to go into the play by plays here, but what I will do is talk some about overall things I’m really enjoying about the game play experience. Continue reading “Yeah okay Skyrim IS pretty awesome”

I have become a console gamer!

Like a lot of folks during the pandemic, my housemate Paul got heavily engrossed in playing Animal Crossing. He specifically ordered himself a Nintendo Switch so that he could play it. And from all the things he was sharing about the experience of playing it, a couple weeks ago I started thinking, gosh that sounds like fun, I’d like to play it too I think.

(Lots of details behind the fold!)

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