In Which Delga Goes on a Bear Hunt and Assists a Daedra’s Dog

I came into this session mostly thinking that I’d work on getting Temba Wide-Arm her bear skins, and also doing that dragon bounty in the Rift.

The way it worked out, though, I also got a boatload of quests queued up in Riften, since being there to collect the bounty meant I was able to go talk to all the Riften NPCs while they were still actually alive!

And then I went to go do the Daedra’s Best Friend quest since I had the pointer for that in Falkreath. Very busy session all around!

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In Which Merawen Finally Returns at Least a Bit to the Main Plot

As of this session I found myself growing a bit weary of tromping around throwing a bunch of Illusion and Destruction spells around, and looking for excuses to pick fights with bandits and/or Falmer. So in between doing all of that, I did finally go to Dragonsreach in Whiterun, and get the Jarl to agree to help me trap a dragon—if I could do something about this war thing going on.

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In Which Merawen Discovers Way More Guild Backstory Than She Expected

This session was pretty much all about Thieves Guild activity, with a small side helping of College of Winterhold, and a couple other minor favor quests. Of the Guild activity, I did no fewer than six, count ‘em, six thievery jobs, but I also moved the main Guild plot along and reached a significant milestone in that.

Details as always behind the fold!

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In Which the Dragonborn Marries Her Favorite Housecarl

As promised, I did finally marry my darling Lydia. <3 And for a honeymoon, I took her to go kill some draugr! It’s like our first date all over again! Highlights:

  • Told Lyds “follow me. I need your help”—with getting married! ;D Off to Riften, to check in at the temple of Mara!
  • Discovered Shor’s Stone and Fort Greenwall on the way down to Riften this time
  • While waiting for it to be wedding time, wandered around Riften to find things to do and quests to pick up on
  • Got the wife of the alchemist to ask me to go get an ore sample from the aforementioned Shor’s Stone
  • Got one of the market square vendors to ask me to go get her some icewraith teeth
  • Got a bounty to go kill a bandit chief from the Jarl’s steward
  • Got the court wizard to ask me to help her go get some equipment for experiments
  • Lydia mysteriously vanished after the wedding? Apparently immediately returned to Whiterun? Also, lol, she offered to let me move in with her
  • For now, Lyds and I are still living in Whiterun, not quite prepared yet to move to Solitude? Plus I just kind of like Whiterun <3
  • Headed off to Reachwater Rock for the final stage of the Forbidden Legends quest
  • Re-killed the murderous Gauldurson brothers, and got the ghost of the father to re-forge his amulet, yay!
  • From there, went searching for Deep Folk Crossing to find the final Aetherium shard; got Katria’s ghost to go !!! and promise to meet me at the Aetherium Forge
  • And, since the Forge was conveniently where I had to go kill the bandit chief for Riften, went there next
  • Killed the bandit chief and a couple other bandits, then headed into the Forge dungeon with Lydia and Katria’s ghost
  • Found the forge and made the Aetherial Crown, and Katria contentedly went to be finally at peace
  • Back to Riften to collect the bounty!
  • Elder Dragon dropped on me right outside Riften, which startled the hell out of a nearby horse and the nearby Khajiit caravan
  • Met Mjoll the Lioness and offered to go get her lost sword for her
  • Headed back to Whiterun after that, where I had additional Carl sightings, made a boatload of daggers of various types and also a boatload of transmuted gold ore, and got additional training from Danica
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