In Which Delga Battles a Dragon and Bandits, and Seeks Azura’s Star

This is a double session post, covering play done on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th! Doubling up because Friday’s was a short session, and I was too busy on Saturday trying to plow through my gigantic email backlog to do a Skyrim post. So y’all are getting both sessions in this combined post!

Major highlights: running the Volunruud dungeon to get the Shout word there; beginning the quest to get Azura’s Star; and killing a dragon with Farkas. In theory.

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In Which Merawen Has a Way Livelier Night Than Anticipated

I was in the mood for a low-key and frivolous session, now that I’m between doing Dragonborn and finishing up the main quest. So for this session, I mostly boinged around a lot between various places, moving resources around, buying more resources, and working on building Windstad Minor.

But I also did one of the most frivolous Daedric quests in the game: A Night to Remember, which features the Daedric prince of debauchery, Sanguine!

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In Which Merawen Hunts Still More Vampires for the Dawnguard

This was another session all about the Dawnguard side quests, because I had to chug through a few more to finally get to the last one I wanted to do! With the obligatory side helpings of confronting dragons and bandits, and this time also Thalmor. And more building work on Heljarchen Hall as well.

Plus, Gregor the housecarl is now properly outfitted with his own suit of dragonplate armor, as well as dragonbone weapons. You work for the Dragonborn, you will be outfitted correctly!

Also, this post contains considerable saltiness about the Hide and Seek quest, since I got another round of that. And today’s favorite Skyrim bug: trying to rescue a kidnap victim from vampires, only to discover the kidnap victim has buggered off for home all by herself!

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Adventures in Skyrim Up Till Now

I’ve been posting play by play updates of my adventures in Skyrim, a thing that folks are telling me on both Twitter and Facebook that they enjoy reading. It has, however, occurred to me that it might actually be nice to post that stuff to the blog! Not only for the sake of new actual content, but also for the sake of anybody who actually reads my blog (or the Dreamwidth mirror), and who might be entertained by my Skyrim adventures.

I’m not going to re-post all the play by plays up to this point, just because redoing them is work I don’t feel like doing. But to bring everybody who doesn’t follow me on social media up to speed, here’s where I am in the game so far. (And while this is primarily a summary of in-game activity, I’m also throwing in periodic in-character commentary, just because this is so immersive a game that it really does feel like my old MUSHing days.)

Lots of gaming geekery behind the fold!

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