In Which Merawen Gains Final Training in Alteration and Conjuration

In this session, all this work I’ve been doing on general adventuring and crafting has started to pay off. I made it to level 80, and I did two of the five ritual quests for the mage college–the ones for the Alteration and Conjuration schools.

Also, I fought and killed my first Legendary Dragon!

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In Which Merawen Finally Fights Alduin and Also Acquires the Wabbajack

I boinged around a lot in this session, but in between all of the fast traveling, I did actually also revisit the main plot! Which meant taking the Dragon Elder Scroll up to the top of the Throat of the World, learning Dragonrend, and having the first round of fighting with Alduin.

And Alduin was only one of the dragons I fought in this session, though unlike the two Revered Dragons and the Ancient one, he actually survived the fight!

Next to that, doing the Mind of Madness quest and getting the Wabbajack from Sheogorath was a relaxing vacation. :D

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In Which Merawen Hunts Crimson Nirnroot, the Pale Lady, Bandits, and Bears

This session got a little more random than I planned going in! But this was kind of cool regardless, as I did some wandering around on foot to try to see if I could have anything interesting happen–and to get opportunities to exercise the Heavy Armor skill. I was pleased to find at least one totally brand new location I never saw during Alarrah’s run!

With the exception of finding the Lunar Forge, though, this was all familiar territory. So again, I’ll be focusing on the bits that were different this time vs. what happened when Alarrah did them.

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In Which the Dragonborn Becomes Arch-Mage and Thane of Winterhold

Previously on “Alarrah the Dragonborn”, I’d gone seeking the Staff of Magnus. And in this session, I found it–and finished the main quest line for the College of Winterhold! Also became thane of Winterhold, while I was at it.

Did a lot in this session, so this is a long post. Highlights:

  • Finished the run through Mzulft to get the Staff of Magnus, and boy howdy was that Synod researcher not happy with me
  • Got another vision from the Psijic Order who told me to haul ass back to the college and report to the Arch-Mage
  • Got jumped by an Elder Dragon as soon as I fast traveled back to the college, and finally killed it with Daedric and ebony arrows after it landed on the roof of the Hall of Countenance
  • Grabbed the bones and tried to report to the Arch-Mage, only to discover that shocker, Ancano took over the Eye and blocked everybody else from entering the Hall of Elements
  • Tried to help the Arch-Mage and Mirabelle break through the magical barrier, but things went splody, oops
  • Also discovered that oh shit, the Arch-Mage was dead
  • Dropped off my dragon bits from that Elder Dragon in my room in the Hall of Attainment, then ran down to Winterhold with Faralda and Arniel to take out a flock of magical anomalies before they could hurt anybody in the college
  • Ran back to report to Mirabelle, and told her I needed to go to Labyrinthian to find the Staff of Magnus; she gave me the Arch-Mage’s amulet, as well as the Torc of Labyrinthian
  • Went to Labyrinthian, and witnessed a bunch of ghosts from a prior party from the college who’d clearly all died in the place–except for a younger Savos Aren, the Arch-Mage
  • Also killed a skeletal dragon, a bunch of regular draugr and skeletons, and ghostly draugr and spectral hounds, because apparently regular draugr weren’t extra enough for this place
  • Killed a couple of enthralled wizards and then the dragon priest they were powering, Morokei, which got me his mask as well as the staff
  • Got jumped by another Thalmor on my way out, and had no time for Estormo’s bullshit, so I had to take him out too
  • Fast traveled back to Winterhold, and found three of the mages out on the bridge because they’d had to fall back–and found out Mirabelle was also dead, yikes
  • Took down the barrier with the Staff, and went charging in with the others at my back; went hand to hand with Ancano for several rounds before finally realizing derp, I had to hit the Eye with the Staff, which finally shut it down enough that Ancano could be taken out
  • Got Quaranir to show up along with a couple of compatriots from his Order, declare me Arch-Mage, and bamf off with the Eye
  • Got Tolfdir to confirm me as Arch-Mage, and give me the quarters and the robe, go me
  • Once things settled down, did a little more training with a couple of the teachers, and also told J’zargo his scrolls totally exploded
  • Grabbed my dragon bits from my old room, then made a bunch of potions in the Arch-Mage’s quarters until I figured out how to make a potion of Fortify Carry Weight, which let me fast travel back to Whiterun
  • Did a round of smithing and selling, and then took a bunch of materials to Heljarchen Hall, where I built a new wing, because I wanted me an armory
  • Returned to Mzulft because I found out I could get the third Aetherium Shard there, so got that taken care of
  • Returned to Winterhold and this time actually found the proper way in on foot; on the way, met a madwoman who totally wanted me to hit her with the Wabbajack (which I hadn’t realized I was carrying?)
  • At Winterhold, stopped by to see the Jarl, and got him to send me on a quest to find the lost Helm of Winterhold, which was at a cave I’d already cleared before, but I cleared it out again
  • Also made a point of buying things from Birna in the general goods store, and selling things to her to get the inventory down, but mostly just to get her some more coin
  • Also settled the debt owed to the innkeeper by a resident who was drinking them dry
  • Sold some ore to the nearby mine
  • Discovered I’d actually already pre-fulfilled the “help the people of Winterhold” requirement for becoming thane, because of doing the Azura’s Star quest and quests at the college
  • But hey, now I’m thane!
  • Got Arniel’s side quest at the college triggered, will follow up more on this

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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Morthal and Slays a Giant

Still not entirely ready to take on main plot quests again, I decided for last night’s Skyrim run that my goal was going to be returning to Morthal and seeing if I could help a couple more of their people so that I could become Thane.

First, the obligatory shopping run. Got rid of a lot of things, and bought a few other things—including picking up some steel plate armor to better outfit Lydia, and some boots as well. That armor does not go well with the dwarven helmet and gauntlets. I need to get her a less silly looking helmet.

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