In Which the Dragonborn Catches a Murderer

Yesterday’s run was mostly all about doing the murder mystery plot in Windhelm, with a little extra bonus possible exorcism of Carl? Highlights:

  • Went back to the White Phial to tell the old alchemist I’d gotten his special magic bottle for him, but ohnoez, it was cracked—and his assistant was a lot more grateful about it than he was
  • Went to report to the steward in the palace to get him to allow me to help investigate the murder situation
  • Overheard Ulfric discussing plans to take over Whiterun (like four times, actually)
  • Got the steward’s permission to investigate, so went to go chat with the guard at the crime scene and look it over for clues
  • Visited the Hall of the Dead to see if the priestess there had any information
  • Found the now-abandoned house where the blood trail led, and a whole bunch of clues that led to two other people to talk to
  • Talked to a couple more people and got a pointer about a possible suspect
  • Talked to that possible suspect and got a better lead
  • Got a surprise very fast resolution as the murderer struck again, and I chased him back to the aforementioned abandoned house and took him out there
  • Got the thanks of the steward for the help and then got the hell out of Windhelm
  • Went back to Ironbind Barrow to pick up on the shiny double-enchanted weapon I’d missed before, and also killed a couple more icewraiths for the vendor in Riften
  • Headed back south again, found the Shrine of Boethiah, and then got attacked and killed by an Ancient Dragon at Kynesgrove, which rolled me back prior to finding the Shrine
  • Across the river from Windhelm, killed another generic Dragon, which may have finally exorcised Carl?
  • Returned to Whiterun and made a bunch more armor out of my excess supplies, enchanted a bunch of jewelry, and made a bunch of potions, and leveled up to 46
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In Which the Dragonborn is On the Road

I did not intend to set off plots for Windhelm in last night’s run, but I totally set off plots for Windhelm in last night’s run—along with more quests for the college, and a surprise side quest entirely because I accidentally hit the Shout button. Highlights:

  • Went to Heljarchen to try to build some shrines in the cellar, only to discover, doh, I’d left all my iron ingots in Whiterun
  • Accidentally hit the Shout button trying to get the cat out of my way
  • Cleared the inventory for questing purposes, then set out to find the three bits of equipment for the wizard in Riften
  • First stop was Ivarstead, and on the way into that, got intercepted by a courier with another Letter from a Friend, this one pointing me at Ironbind Barrow
  • So I went to that barrow next, only to discover a couple of unexpected NPCs camped out there: a Redguard named Salma, and an Argonian named Beem-ja, who insisted on accompanying me into the dungeon; this did not go well for the NPCs
  • Got the second word of the Become Ethereal Shout though!
  • Hoofed it northward from there towards Winterhold and discovered a couple more locations on the way
  • Next step: the college, to check in with Arniel, whose experiments were also not going well; he gave me back the Warped Soul Gem and asked me to take it to Dwemer convectors to charge it
  • Got the enchanter trainer at the college to give me a minor reward when I gave him some soul gems he needed
  • Also got another couple of bumps in Alteration off of Tolfdir—and a quest pointer for dealing with an aftershock from the Eye of Magnus, over in Markarth
  • Picked up Wylandriah’s next item at the inn in Winterhold
  • Decided to hoof it south to Windhelm for the third item, which let me discover a third previously unknown location
  • Found the open-air market at Windhelm, including their blacksmith, but also finally found the White Phial apothecary and triggered the quest from there to find the fabled White Phial for the shop owner; got Wylandriah’s third item while I was in there
  • On the way out of Windhelm also triggered the opening scene of the murder mystery plot there, which I did not plan to do, but I went with it anyway
  • Left Windhelm long enough to pop down to Riften and give Wylandriah her things back
  • Went to Forsaken Cave, where I’d already been, but this time I was able to get the Phial
  • Fast traveled to a nearby mill to get back to Windhelm, only HI ANCIENT DRAGON SAYS RAAAAAAAR
  • Killed the Ancient Dragon (which also killed a couple of Stormcloak soldiers), in front of startled mill NPCs
  • Was over-burdened at this point thanks to dragon bits, so had to Whirlwind-Sprint my way to Windhelm, and also make use of potions of strength
  • Found the inn at Windhelm, where I saved for the night
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