In Which Delga Regains the Rift for the Empire

I’m posting this on Sunday, but this is actually for the play session I did on Friday night. I didn’t play last night, because I was trying to charge through fixing all of my screenshot galleries so I could resume adding galleries to new posts.

And this one is another step forward in the Imperial side of the civil war plotline, wherein I help the Empire regain the Rift.

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In Which Delga Goes on a Bear Hunt and Assists a Daedra’s Dog

I came into this session mostly thinking that I’d work on getting Temba Wide-Arm her bear skins, and also doing that dragon bounty in the Rift.

The way it worked out, though, I also got a boatload of quests queued up in Riften, since being there to collect the bounty meant I was able to go talk to all the Riften NPCs while they were still actually alive!

And then I went to go do the Daedra’s Best Friend quest since I had the pointer for that in Falkreath. Very busy session all around!

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I have become a console gamer!

Like a lot of folks during the pandemic, my housemate Paul got heavily engrossed in playing Animal Crossing. He specifically ordered himself a Nintendo Switch so that he could play it. And from all the things he was sharing about the experience of playing it, a couple weeks ago I started thinking, gosh that sounds like fun, I’d like to play it too I think.

(Lots of details behind the fold!)

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