In Which Merawen Hunts Still More Vampires for the Dawnguard

This was another session all about the Dawnguard side quests, because I had to chug through a few more to finally get to the last one I wanted to do! With the obligatory side helpings of confronting dragons and bandits, and this time also Thalmor. And more building work on Heljarchen Hall as well.

Plus, Gregor the housecarl is now properly outfitted with his own suit of dragonplate armor, as well as dragonbone weapons. You work for the Dragonborn, you will be outfitted correctly!

Also, this post contains considerable saltiness about the Hide and Seek quest, since I got another round of that. And today’s favorite Skyrim bug: trying to rescue a kidnap victim from vampires, only to discover the kidnap victim has buggered off for home all by herself!

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In Which Merawen Quests All Over Skyrim for the Dawnguard

This session was all about the side quests for the Dawnguard, with a mix of quests from Sorine, Gunmar, and Florentius. Kidnap victims were rescued! Vampires were plammoed with crossbow bolts! Lost Dawnguard relics were acquired!

And through it all, Merawen boinged back and forth to several points between Markarth and Riften, all over the map. Most of the locales I hit in this session were places I’d been to before, either as Alarrah or as Merawen. But a couple of them were brand new to me, and that was fun!

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In Which Merawen Moves Plots Along, and Destroys the Dark Brotherhood

This entire session was mostly stuff I’d done before, with a few variations from how Alarrah did it. I moved the mage college and Dawnguard plots along another notch, while testing out having Aranea from the Azura’s Star plot as a follower. And, I destroyed the Dark Brotherhood again! They had it coming.

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In Which the Dragonborn Quests for the College of Winterhold

I gotta say, I’m deeply amused by how the admission standards at the College of Winterhold are such that if I’m actually off questing looking for books for them, nobody minds that I’m apparently not showing up for classes. ;) Did a lot of questing for the college in this session, not only for the main college plotline, but also radiant quests.

This is a big post, with a bunch of screencaps. Highlights:

  • Stopped in Whiterun multiple times to say hi to Lydia and to drop off or sell stuff, and while doing that, unlocked dragon smithing. \0/
  • Killed two different Elder Dragons, one near the Western Watchtower, one literally in the college courtyard. Right in front of the Arch-Mage, lol.
  • Went to a necromancer lair not far from Whiterun, freed the NPC who’d originally stolen the books, and convinced the Caller to let me take them. Got a bunch of skills books as a reward, and bumped up all my magic skills a little.
  • Proceeded to the next quest on the main college plotline, which involved alerting Tolfdir to one of the interesting books I’d brought back, learning more about Ancano being a Thalmor, and having a surprise in-person visit from the Psijic monk who’d given me the earlier vision, warning me that orb was dangerous and I was going to have to act.
  • Got a side quest from Ormund, the Nord apprentice at the college, to get a family amulet back from him. This involved me having to speak to Enthir, and go get a staff for him before he’d agree to give the amulet back. Fetched the staff from a necromancer in Falkreath.
  • Got a side quest from Brelyna, the Dunmer apprentice at the college, to let her practice throwing spells at me.
  • Got a side quest from J’zargo, the Khajiit apprentice at the college, to use some fire cloak scrolls he’s developed.
  • Got two different side quests from the orc librarian at the college to find a rare tome for him, which required raiding a Falmer nest at Darkwater Crossing, and a bandit stronghold at Robber’s Gorge.
  • At the Falmer nest, found and freed a trapped Argonian.
  • At the bandit stronghold, killed the third dragon of the night, a Blood Dragon.
  • On the way back to Whiterun after one of the side quests, got attacked by a random Argonian.
  • And oh yeah, more dragon cultists ranting about me being the false Dragonborn.

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