In Which the Dragonborn Becomes Thane of the Pale

Decided to head back to Dawnstar last night, and finish up the necessary steps to become thane there. Plus, the obligatory selling, smithing, and hunting! Highlights:

  • Interacted for the first time with Dawnstar’s Jarl Skald and got a quest from him to go kill a giant
  • Killed the giant at Red Road Pass, and his mammoth
  • Helped out a ship captain by retrieving lost Fine-Cut Void Salts for him; killed a dragon on Eldersblood Peak again on the way to that
  • Helped out a mine owner by selling her some iron ore
  • Got declared Thane of the Pale, and got housecarl number four, Gregor, and permission to buy land
  • Killed a second dragon when fast traveling back to Whiterun’s Western Watchtower
  • Killed an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood who was apparently contracted to take me out
  • Killed some more bandits near Whiterun
  • Got my Glass Smithing unlocked
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In Which Alarrah Becomes a Thane of Morthal

I’m afraid I broke my last Skyrim post’s mirror over to Dreamwidth, so for the benefit of those of you reading this post from there, here’s the link to my previous Skyrim writeup:

In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Morthal and Slays a Giant

And now we rejoin our regularly scheduled Dragonborn!

Tonight’s goal: finish off becoming Thane of Morthal, and seeing what all that actually gets me. Answer: my very own buildable house, yay! And a whole extra housecarl!

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