In Which Delga Battles a Dragon and Bandits, and Seeks Azura’s Star

This is a double session post, covering play done on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th! Doubling up because Friday’s was a short session, and I was too busy on Saturday trying to plow through my gigantic email backlog to do a Skyrim post. So y’all are getting both sessions in this combined post!

Major highlights: running the Volunruud dungeon to get the Shout word there; beginning the quest to get Azura’s Star; and killing a dragon with Farkas. In theory.

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In Which the Dragonborn Learns More About How to Defeat Alduin

Since I reached level 46, it was time to proceed with the next part of moving the main questline along–and doing Alduin’s Wall! But before I did that, I took care of a bit more side quests as well, some for Riften, some for the mage college. Highlights:

  • On the way northward to get Mjoll the Lioness’s sword for her, met some bandits pretending to be soldiers
  • Recovered Mjoll’s sword Grimsever from the Dwemer ruin Mzinchaleft, where I also killed a bunch of bandits and Dwemer automatons
  • Partially cleared Fort Greenwall of bandits on the way down to Riften, but found it was a bigger dungeon than anticipated, so I’ll have to go back and clear it further later
  • Returned to Riften to give Mjoll her sword back, and to give the icewraith teeth to Marise, the vendor who wanted them
  • Stopped at Mzulft to use the convector there to charge the Warped Soul Gem
  • Went back to Deep Folk Crossing to charge the gem in both of the convectors near there
  • Killed a Frost Dragon at Dragontooth Crater while heading south for Sky Haven Temple; also killed two random Dark Brotherhood assassins, and a few Forsworn
  • Met up with Delphine and Esbern finally, and all four of us wound up having to take on a lot more Forsworn at their camp
  • Then we got into Sky Haven Temple and found Alduin’s Wall, where we learned that Alduin had previously been defeated with a Shout–but the wall didn’t say what kind
  • And now I have to go talk to the Graybeards to see if they know!
  • On the way out of the temple, got the extra-damage-against-dragons sword Dragonbane, thank you, why yes I WILL have some
  • Also, a full set of Blades armor, which is Heavy Armor so I won’t wear it but maybe it’ll look bitchin’ on Lydia?
  • Leveled up to 47 after checking back in at Whiterun for the next round of making and selling stuff; unlocked the “Investor” perk

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In Which the Dragonborn Joins the College of Winterhold

Two overall goals to last night’s game:

  1. Finding the Forgemaster’s Fingers and bringing them to the orc stronghold who asked for them
  2. Going to Winterhold to join the mage college there

Main highlights as follows:

  • Went down to Lakeview to check on the place
  • Discovered I’ve triggered another game bug—the one with your follower getting a new default hunting bow created in their inventory every time you dismiss them and re-engage them later, WTF
  • Went to Dragontooth Crater to find the Forgemaster’s Fingers, and killed a Blood Dragon there; found another word of the Ice Form Shout
  • Did not fight with the Thalmor squad I saw also attacking the dragon, despite being sorely tempted
  • Did totally fight with the Forsworn I ran into
  • Encountered a tree with a dead elf and interesting loot very near the Shrine to Peryite—did not go to the Shrine itself as that’s a Daedra I don’t want to engage with right now
  • Killed a second Blood Dragon on the way down to the orcs
  • Delivered the Forgemaster’s Fingers to the orc stronghold and got the chief’s blessing to be Blood-Kin of the Orcs
  • Headed back to Whiterun to drop off loot
  • Then went to Winterhold to join the mage college; on the way, saw and fought my first horkers (which I hadn’t realized are essentially sea lions!)
  • Oh hey Winterhold has female guards?
  • Got permission to enter the college as a new applicant, at which point I sent Lydia home as I figured she’d be bored stiff
  • Did the “Under Saarthal” quest which I needed to get access to that third fragment of the Gauldur amulet
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