In Which Merawen Rescues a Future Sybil and Hunts Yet More Vampires

I had not planned to visit the Temple of Dibella during this run, or to do their Heart of Dibella quest, but events conspired otherwise! Because one of the side quests for the Dawnguard pointed me at one of the temple priestesses as a lead on finding a vampire–and I couldn’t get at her without doing the Heart of Dibella quest. But it was a new thing, so that was fun!

Also, there was more vampire hunting. And severe chastising of bandits who attacked me at Lakeview.

And, sadly, the loss of the blacksmith Ghorza in Markarth, killed by the Traveler NPC vampire. RIP Ghorza! 😢

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In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Ansilvund

Main themes of last night’s run were following up on pending quests for the College of Winterhold, the Arniel’s Endeavor quest, as well as side quests fetching books for the Arcaneum. Highlights:

  • Went to Solitude to finish buying furnishings for Proudspire Manor
  • Got Danica Pure-Spring to train me in Restoration since she’s in Whiterun
  • Dropped off the cogs with Arniel, and asked him if he needed any further help; he asked me to go talk to Enthir to get a thing he needed
  • Enthir sent me off to find yet another staff he’d sold to an unscrupulous character
  • Went to Brittleshin Pass, another place I’d cleared before, to get the staff
  • CARL SIGHTING! First Carl sighting outside Whiterun!
  • Brought the staff to Enthir, and got a warped soul gem from him to give to Arniel
  • Arniel took the gem but I couldn’t take any further quest action yet
  • Checked in with Urag at the college and got him to give me scrolls from his translation work on Shalidor’s writings
  • Also asked him if the Arcaneum needed any other books I could go fetch, and got another quest from him that pointed me at Ansilvund
  • Went to Ansilvund to find the book and cleared the place
  • Killed another Elder Dragon on the way back to the college again
  • Returned the book to Urag
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In Which the Dragonborn Becomes Thane of Falkreath

Major highlights of last night’s Skyrim run:

  • Took on the 2nd of three quests to become thane of Falkreath, and recovered a journal for the Altmer priest Runil
  • Took on the 3rd of those quests, which involved a little light thievery for former Jarl Dengeir
  • Killed not one but two different dragons
  • Killed a vampire at the behest of Falkreath’s former Jarl
  • Actually became Thane of Falkreath, and gained housecarl #3
  • Had Lydia get killed on me three times which was not acceptable, so time to improve her armor
  • Did a bit more building of things at Windstad Manor

Details behind the fold!

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