In Which the Dragonborn Acquires Azura’s Star

Yesterday’s Skyrim run actually covered multiple playing sessions, because I played a lot in the afternoon, and then late into the evening as well. The overall goal: getting Azura’s Star. Highlights include:

  • Headed to the Shrine of Azura just to check it out
  • Met her one remaining follower, Aranea Ienith, who was totally not surprised to see me and who told me to go talk to a mage in Winterhold about recovering Azura’s lost Star
  • Found the mage in Winterhold, who told me where to find the Star
  • Went to Ilinalta’s Deep to get the Star back
  • Took the Star back to the shrine, only to learn that it needed cleansing
  • At Azura’s behest, went into the Star to clear it out

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