Skyrim Playthrough: Delga

This is the playthrough page for my third Skyrim playthrough, for the character Delga of the Orsimer.

I began this playthrough immediately concluding the one for Merawen, with the intention of making Delga my character to accomplish two things I didn’t do with either Merawen or Alarrah:

  1. Join the Companions
  2. Fight the Imperial side of the war

In terms of character concept, Delga’s intended to be a tank type, specializing in Heavy Armor and Two-Handed weapons. I also envision her as an absolute cinnamon roll who just wants to help everybody, which is my justification for doing every single side favor quest I can get my hands on. :D

Playthrough posts

Here are all the posts about Delga’s playthrough! These are dynamically updated, so a new post should appear here when it goes up. They’re listed in descending date order, so the newest posts should always appear first. Also, note the pagination controls after the first five posts. You can page through to see the older ones.

  • In Which Delga Clears Yet More Draugr From Kolbjorn Barrow - 01/18/2022
    In which Delga returns to Kolbjorn Barrow to clear yet more draugr from the excavation at Ralis’ request; in which she kills the bandits at Hrodulf’s House on behalf of the Skaal; and in which she reaches Highpoint Tower to face Neloth’s nemesis Ildari Sarothril.
  • In Which Delga Sees Bujold the Unworthy Earn Her Name - 01/17/2022
    In which Delga sees Bujold rejected by the spirit of Hrothmund, and is forced to defend herself against the unworthy chief; in which she declines to inform Thirsk Mead Hall of Bujold's fate; and in which she helps Neloth discover the identity of his nemesis.
  • In Which Delga Marries, Adopts Children, and Retakes Thirsk Mead Hall - 01/16/2022
    In which Delga marries Aela the Huntress, and adopts Lucia and Sofie as daughters; in which she and Aela venture into Lost Valley Redoubt to fight the Forsworn there; and in which she helps displaced Nords regain their stolen home, Thirsk Mead Hall.
  • In Which Delga Quests Across Solstheim - 01/15/2022
    In which Delga quests all over the island of Solstheim, meeting the Nords of Bujold's retreat, aiding the Skaal smith Baldor, and aiding the residents of Tel Mithryn; and in which she learns the secrets of forging stalhrim.
  • In Which Delga is Challenged by Hermaeus Mora - 01/14/2022
    In which Delga, along with Calder and Neloth, finds the Black Book hidden in Nchardak; in which Delga ventures again into Apocrypha, and is challenged by Hermaeus Mora there; and in which she is ordered to fetch the secrets of the Skaal if she wants the rest of the knowledge necessary to defeat Miraak.


Here are the screenshots for Delga’s playthrough, broken down by individual play sessions. I can’t paginate this album display, though, so apologies for the length it adds to the page!

Like the posts listed above, the screenshots are listed in descending order by date. But they are not dynamically updated. I’ll be manually adding new sessions’ screenshots to this album when I can.