2021 was the year I discovered Skyrim. Not that I didn’t know about it already–I did, of course. My household has long been a gaming household, and both my wife and our housemate had played Skyrim multiple times on the various consoles we own.

Up until 2021 though I had never been a console player. I have much preferred playing games on my own computer, or on my mobile devices. In 2021, though, I finally got a Nintendo Switch.

And that gave me the opportunity to finally play Skyrim for myself. I jumped into it wholeheartedly, blazing through two playthroughs of about three months’ length each, and starting on a third as of November 2021.

This page is the landing page for all my Skyrim adventures, rounded up in one place!

Playthroughs by Character

Skyrim Tag Cloud

I’ve been tagging all my posts based primarily on locations visited in each session, and in some cases significant characters or plot threads involved.

So you’ll see tags for named dragons, as well as the DLCs, Dragonborn and Dawnguard. I’ll probably also start tagging characters like Jarls or leaders of factions, or any character with significant impact on a plot.