'The World of Pern' is copyright to Anne McCaffrey 1967.
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17th December 1995
Scene: Fort Weyr

List of Eggs and Hatchlings
1. Smoke Swirled Egg
    A pale gray egg the color of smoke that seems to be darker in some places and lighter in others as if smoke were moving over the surface.
2. Leafy Green Egg
    A green egg that is the same shade of green that leaves have just before turning golden brown in the autumn.
3. Silvery Blue Egg
    An egg that is solid silver but is chased through with streaks of asaphhire blue color.
4. Dull Yellow Egg
    A dirty, faded yellow egg that you might mistake for a chicken egg ag first glance, but it isn't.
5. Amythest Swirled Egg
    A beautiful amythest color that is swirled around with white, making it look like a desert of some sort.
6. Mud Brown Egg
    An egg the color of rivermud with splashes of lighter mud colors all over it.

Smoke Swirled Egg Shivers and shakes in the basket...
Zentra readies....
F'nar nods around as well, indicating that he is somewhat busy with the child.
Daena kneels down and peers at the eggs.
Leykos swallows and prepares himself for the hatching.
Anra points toward the Mud Brown egg, "Like dat one..."
F'nar mutters to Anra, "... you give them..."
Anra looks back up at F'nar, then at the meatroll in her hand, "Hash?"
F'ren stands and moves away, heading for one of the wing tables.
Smoke Swirled Egg Jumps up and down as the hatchling readies for it's entrance... cracks down the sides.
F'ren sits down at the Dawnguard table.
Pamalyn has disconnected.
Selandra smiles, nervy with anticipation, wondering what it holds.
Smoke Swirled Egg cracks and starts to break
Smoke Swirled Egg suddenly bursts into many fragments and, with a startled squawk, a hatchling steps out.
You see a gray-green blur as this little green bursts from her shell and zips around. When she pauses you see that the colors are evenly spread throughout her hide. Her body is rather small, but she makes up for all of that by her energetic movements.
Zentra holds out her meat and smiles at the newly hatched flit.
Zentra says "Hi! If you're hungry, I have some meat..."
Leykos jumps slightly at the suddeness of the hatching, shakes his head clear and extends his arm to offer meat.
Ansset grins at the energetic little thing. "Well hello, there." He holds out his meat, and adds, "Aren't you a lively one?"
F'nar points to the new firelizard. "Give her some of your meatroll! I'll bet she's hungry!"
F'ren has disconnected.
Zentra says "See, I have a flit just like you up there."
Daena grins and chirps at the hatchling, but sits back and decides to wait for the one that she thinks is right for her. Gray-Green Hatchling chittercreels at the surrounding people, sniffing here and there...
Selandra moves carefully closer to the basket offering a fat spiderclaw ...
Anra blinks and claps her hands! "Baby!"
Alyssa mutters to F'nar, "... hope..." F'nar grins. He mutters to Alyssa, "... father..."
Zentra wiggles the meat and hums quietly for the flit.
Leykos softly calls to the green, quietly urging her to him. "Here, I've meat... and you're /so/ hungry looking!" Gray-Green Hatchling begins to move zipping here and there, sniffing and watching...undecided, yet creeling.
F'nar's fair *betweens* in and begins to hum for the new hatchlings.
Selandra starts to talk quietly to the hatchling, all the while offering the tender morsel.
Zentra's eyes sparkle at the beautiful flit and smiles.
Alyssa slips her arm through F'nar's and whispers to him, eyes sparkling.
Ansset grins at the green. "You'd fit in just right at Igen...we're all insane." He grins. "You're going to need some food to keep your energy up..here.. try some nice fresh wherry.."
Caylin has left.
Anra's eyes follow the little hatchling, in apparent amazement.
Zentra says "I've got all the juicy meat that you want, and your'e probably hungry from being in there so long...." Gray-Green Hatchling all but vibrates in hyperactivity as she looks around...
F'nar entwines his arm with hers. He mutters to Alyssa, "... trouble."
Peeking through Alyssa's hair, Lapis crooooooooons encouragement at the hatchling.
Zentra's eyes bounce up and down as she watches the green
Ansset laughs! "We could really use you back at Igen.. bet you could tire all the children out with even slowing down!"
Anra blinks, and looks over at Zentra talking to the hatchling, she looks back at F'nar questioningly.
Selandra grins. "You'd be just the perfect companion for my whirlwind." she says reflecttively as the green rushes about.
Zentra holds the meat and wiggles it, smileing and humming.
Alyssa chuckles at F'nar, patting his arm, as she turns to watch the hatching. " Anra, let the meat dangle from your fingers to attract her!"
F'nar takes Anra's wrist and helps her break off a chunk of the meatroll and offer it to the excited green.
F'nar says "Like this."
Leykos holds his meat lower, grinning as the green must be getting dizzy. "Here, stop rushing about and take some meat. Come, I've a good home for you, and food..."
Tempest croons to the hatchling and admires it.
Anra holds the meatroll in her hand the way F'nar shows her too, and gets down on her hands and knees, "Eat?"
Gray-Green Hatchling zips over, tumbling herself into the arms of a pet that has a redgold blur of hair.
Gray-Green Hatchling stumbles towards Selandra.
Selandra chuckles softly and twitches the meat somewhat, seeing if she can catch the exuberant little greens attention.
Zentra congradulates Selandra.
Tarah smiles at Selandra as the feisty little one gets a mate
Alyssa calls to Selandra, "Oh, well done! She likes you!"
Anra watches the little green go over toward Selandra and crawls a few steps closer to the basket, looking at the other eggs.
Zentra waits patiantly for the next egg to hatch...
F'nar aws, as he pulls Anra back from Selandra's new green. "See, there's more."
Leykos sighs goodnaturedly and withdraws to wait for the next egg silently.
Zentra says "I hope I get a green."
Selandra's face softens as she impresses. She moves away to get to know her little green better - and to feed her...
Zentra says "I mean, a blue."
Leafy Green Egg explodes in a flurry of pieces, and a hatchling steps out with a demanding shriek.
This little blue is the color of a certain purple/blue flower. As he spreads his wings you can see white streaks in the sails. Discovering he's hungry.. he makes his demanding nature known with an angry shriek!
Zentra slowly moves the meat towards the new flit, smileing and humming.
Anra grins, and shrieks back at the hatchling!
F'nar smiles at Anra. "Now, hold your meatroll out to it like you did for the green!"
Zentra says "A blue! And what a lovely blue you are...I have some meat for you...."
Daena ducks the flying pieces and grins, but shakes her head. No, this one isn't for her either."
Alyssa murmurs her encouragement to Anra. "Smile and call to him...it's easy."
Leykos moves quickly to place himself and his meat within the hatchling's reach, calling to him hopefully.
Aphrael walks out of the tunnel along the southeastern wall.
Aphrael has arrived.
Periwinkle Blue Hatchling stamps a foot and SHRIEKS it's hunger... stomping around, demanding and looking.
Daena looks up. "Aph!"
Zentra smiles at the lovely blue and wiggles her meat.
Anra thrusts out her meatroll again, "Eat?" She shrieks back at the blue everytime he repeats the noise.
Zentra shrieks at the startleing cry and almost drops the meat, but still holdsit out.
Tempest likes this one....
Aphrael crosses the cavern, waving at Daena and walking up to Sela, "Hiya!" She peers over shoulders at the hatchlings.
Leykos hastily extends his arm for the blue to see the meat, groping in the plater for a slightly bigger piece but not taking his eyes of the blue.
Periwinkle Blue Hatchling shrieks, then looks around... shaking it's head and sniffing.
Zentra says "You would like my green, she's just like you...."
Alyssa looks at F'nar for a moment, then smiles at Anra.
Selandra looks up from her green as she hears the noise. Smiles briefly and continues to stuff juicy morsels into the waiting maw in her arms.
Zentra looks at the blue and tries to lure it with her meat.
Anra smiles at the little hatchling, the same look she usually reserves for getting her own way with adults.
Selandra grins. "Hello Aph, it's good to see you again."
Leykos adds a bigger chunk to his handfull of meat, trying to get it's attention with a low whistle.
Zentra likes this one. Blue and has spunk.
F'nar grins. He mutters to Alyssa, "Isn't..."
Daena grins at the Selandra and her new friend.
Zentra grabs a fresh piece of meat and holds it in the other hand.
Periwinkle Blue Hatchling looks undecided.. then marches straight up the female with shiny glass beads, mezemerised.. then takes a tentative sniff.
Whirlwind (aka Torbellino) cheeps curiously wondering if he can get in on the act and get fed too
Alyssa nods to F'nar, a blush creeping up her cheeks. "She is indeed."
Zentra wiggles the meat and smiles.
Aphrael giggles at Sela, "You impressed? That's great!" She blinks over at the hatchlings and bends down near the basket, pulling some packtail from her pouch.
Periwinkle Blue Hatchling watches the dangling meat and suddenly LEAPS up, devouring it in a single gulp.. then demands more with a very demanding SHRIEK and CREEL
Leykos bites his lip and continues to call to the blue. "Come on, I've got plenty of meat here...come still your hunger, little blue!".
Zentragrabs some more meat.
Periwinkle Blue Hatchling stumbles towards Zentra.
Zentra says "Yay!"
F'nar smiles over at Anra. "Come on back here, there's some more."
Anra loses interest in the little blue and looks back at her favorite egg, the mud brown colored one. She calls to it, "Hash!"
Anra turns, climbing slowly to her feet and goes back to F'nar, "More?"
Zentra cuddles the blue. "Well, I must go, but thank you!@
Alyssa chuckles at F'nar before nodding to Anra. "There are, look!"
Zentra has left.
Daena grins, muttering something about people who Impress and run.
F'nar smiles. "Yep, there's more. :)"
Aphrael grins and congratulatulates Zentra, watching the eggs carfully.
Silvery Blue Egg turns slowly as if on a turn table, then rolls sideways.
Alyssa looks at the silvery blue egg with smiling eyes. "That is a gorgeous egg."
Anra drops the meatroll and takes a fresh piece of meat, wrinkling her nose at it's sliminess. She marches back over to her waiting place with a determined look on her face.
Silvery Blue Egg suddenly flips, coming down and cracking as it hits
Silvery Blue Egg simply flakes off in large pieces and a dainty hatchling regaly steps forth.
This proud green is the color of the sea foam that washes up on the beach. Pale green can be seen as she holds her wings out and daintily cleans them and every other inch of her body before she slowly waddles out to meet her adoring humans.
Sea Foam Green Hatchling creels at all the adoring humanthings.. here just to see *her*
Leykos has reconnected.
Anra cocks her head at the hatchling and looks at her closely, "Eat?"
Ansset oos at the latest hatchling. "Hello, m'lady," he says with a straight face. "Would you care for something to eat?"
Ansset offers a peice of wherry as though it was the finest of all roasts, at a lord holders banquet table.
Selandra sighs as her hyperactive one slips off in a bloated slumber. She turns back to watch the rest of the hatching.
D'ris comes in from the bowl.
D'ris has arrived.
Anra sinks back down onto her knees, and smiles, "Good...eat?"
Selandra waves to D'ris. "Evening bronzerider."
Sea Foam Green Hatchling Creels and struts around the place.. showing her stuff...
Daena looks up and waves to D'ris, a sly smile on her face. "Hiya. D'ris."
Ansset chuckles at the little green, and says, "Well, m'lady, surely you'd love it at Igen. You'll be pampered like you wouldn't believe."
Alyssa glances up and nods respectfully to the bronzerider. "Benden's duty," she says quietly, a shy smile on her lips.
D'ris walks in, nodding, "Evening everyone." He grins as he walks upon the rucous of a firelizard hatching, shaking his head. He walks over to the hearth and fills up a mug of klah, "Selandra! Nice to see you again." He walks over and takes a seat at the Dawnguard table. "Hello Daena." D'ris smiles to Alyssa, "And Fort's to Benden."
Anra mutters to F'nar, "... off. Da... shunnunt..."
Aphrael giggles softly at the green, "My, you're a pretty one!" She humms as she watches the hatchling, flipping her packtail in her hands to catch the light.
J'bal comes in from the bowl.
J'bal has arrived.
Sea Foam Green Hatchling trills at words... but she smells FOOD!!
Anra mimics the sound, smiling happily, "Eat?"
Ansset offers his wherry, making it a little more obvious. "here you are, m'lady," he says, keeping up the line of compliments.
Leykos has partially disconnected.
D'ris grins. He mutters to Daena, "... nice... you..."
J'bal saunters casually in, then blinks at all the non-Fortians here. He smiles at all of them, then strolls up to the klah pot for a mug of hot klah.
Alyssa smiles in return to D'ris, nodding toward the hatching. "Just here to visit, and look what we found."
Anra turns to see who Alyssa is talking to and gives the rider a toothy grin before looking aback at the hatchling and the eggs.
Selandra waves to J'bal. "Evening."
Tarah spreads her drying wings and marches pruposefully twards the male with the goodie smelling wherry, making her vain demand known.
Sea Foam Green Hatchling stumbles towards Ansset.
Daena laughs at Tarah's mavv
Ansset * won't even comment.
Alyssa * chuckles.
Anra * understands how that goes, so don't worry bout it :)
D'ris laughs. He mutters to Daena, "... nothing... is there?"
Daena * looks at Tarah, inspecting for wings.
Daena giggles back. She mutters to D'ris, "... I... more... already..."
J'bal pours a mug, then takes it and stands for a moment, womdering where to sit. He grins over at Selandra, then contemplates the cavern.
Ansset steps a ways back, and sits down at one of the tables.
Anra goes back and tugs on F'nar's sleeve again, "Lookit!" She points again to the mud colored egg.
Dull Yellow Egg shakes and turns.. cracking slowly and delicately.
Alyssa smiles at Anra's affection toward F'nar, and she watches the interaction between rider and child with a soft smile on her face.
Dull Yellow Egg cracks some more as things start to flake off..
Dull Yellow Egg simply splits in two, leaving a surprised hatchling staring out into the world.
This little brown is the color of the light sand that is on the beaches at Southern. Evenly spread, no other color interferes with his light tan. As he looks about, his attention span seems to wander hither and yon until he realizes that he's hungry.
F'nar smiles excitedly, nodding. "Are you ready?"
Daena giggles at a thought. She mutters to D'ris, "You've seen my deepest, darkest....secrets."
J'bal shrugs and gives up, picking a table at random to sit at. He glances incuriously over at the hatching going on, then leans back and sips his klah.
Selandra smiles watching the brown's reaction to his hatching.
Aphrael smiles at the brown, and oohs softly. She whistles to get his attention, waving her packtail back and forth so the it shines in the light.
Leykos moves to make his meat available to the brown, calling it too him. "Hey, over here! I've plenty of food!"
Anra grins, "Dirt!" She looks very excited, walking back toward the hatchling, and meat down toward him.
Sandy Brown Hatchling looks out from the two halves and watches for a bit, then glances around, loking up. Daena turns her attention to the sound of an egg hatching. "Oh, shards....a brown." She kneels down and calls softly to him. "C'mere, little guy. You can be one of Quin's subjects." She thinks thoughts of love and devotions to him.
Alyssa takes her attention from F'nar and Anra to smile at the hatchling. "Oh, he's the same color as my Triss!"
Aphrael continues to whistle, trying to coax the brown forward as she swings her shiny packtail.
Leykos shakes his meat above the brown, calling slightly louder than before for attention. "Hey, you must be starved...Come on, then! have some wherry!"
Sandy Brown Hatchling creels absentmindedly as he stumbles from his resting place, tripping on occasion, then turning back to investigate what he tripped over
J'bal gets up, with a scrap of meatroll, strolls over to the sands and idly tosses the meatroll towards the little brown. "Here you are, guy."
Daena drags her meat across the floor, trying to catch the brown's almost non-existant attention with a fragrant trail of juices.
Anra grins again, "Wan eat? Eat's good."
D'ris smiles and leans back, sipping some klah, and watching the Hatching with slight interest.
Aphrael chuckles softly, almost moving to help him, but instead sitting back and watching carefully with her packtail.
Alyssa glances toward D'ris and asks quietly, so as not to disturb the hatching, "How is T'quinn?
Leykos laughs, moving his meat so the brown sees it when he looks up. "Here, take it! I can take you home with me, and we can entertain each other..."
Sandy Brown Hatchling trips over a tiny piece of meat on the floor, goes back and sniffs at it.. then FINALLY realises that it's FOOD.. and that he's Hungry.
Blur explodes out of *between*, he dives and swoops around the room at a frightful speed, chattering madly as he looks for a place to land.
Blur has arrived.
Blur swoops down towards Alyssa.
Daena dangles the meat in front of the brown's nose, forcing him to direct what attention he has to it.
Blur chitters at Alyssa.
D'ris sets his mug on the table and looks over at Alyssa,"T'quinn? Oh, he's just fine.As good as he ever was." Anra gets down lower to the ground, holding her meat out. She smiles at the little brown, "You eat?"
Blur jumps and hovers in the air for a second and looks all around him, then with a suddon tuck, turn, and roll maneuver, he disappears *between*.
Blur has left.
Daena looks up briefly at mention of Quinn, then back down to the little brown.
J'bal stands and sips his klah for a long moment, looking down at the little brown. He tears off another little chunk of meatroll and tosses it to the little hatchlilng. "You liked that? Here's another."
Sandy Brown Hatchling looks up and follows dangling meat with his eyes and head.. then creels and looks around the floor in front of the person and takes a dainty step forward to grab the meat
Alyssa smiles at the little blue, then says to D'ris, "I'm Alyssa of Benden. I helped take care of Vtanth when he tore a wingsail in Dyinath's flight. I miss them...they're both very nice, and special."
Sandy Brown Hatchling stumbles towards Daena.
Anra gets very quiet and sits back on her heals.
Daena grins and cradles the little brown. "C'mere, little guy. Yeah, that's it." She continues to feed him bolt after bolt of raw meat as he creels for more, now that he's actually realized that food is a Good Thing.
F'nar gathers Anra into his lap.
Mud Brown Egg suddenly jumps and rolls out of the basket
Leykos sighs in resignation and moves to the next egg.
Selandra stares thoughtfully in the direction of Alyssa and D'ris.
J'bal grins as Daena Impresses the brown, then wanders over to another table to talk to some of his wingmates. Alyssa whispers quickly to F'nar, "The egg she likes still hasn't hatched."
Anra jumps slightly as she is scooped up, then points as her favorite egg begins to move!!
F'nar looks and nods. "I wonder if.."
Mud Brown Egg cracks and begins to flake off
Anra squirms in F'nar's lap, trying to get back down.
D'ris shifts in his seat, glancing at the Hatching before looking back at Alyssa, "Yeah, well, they are a nice pair... I guess." He smiles slightly, and shrugs.
F'nar lets her down.
Tarah says "These two are going to go quick.. so be ready... then I gotta log off"
Mud Brown Egg explodes in a flurry of shards, and a hatchling bursts out.
This little lady is patterned in light and dark green like leaves on a mint plant. As she steps forth from her broken shell, you can see the light and dark pattern is splattered throughout her body. Immediately she scampers out to inspect everyone and everything.
Aphrael sits back a little, still watching the hatchling, but peering at her packtail, wondering if she should try something else. She tosses it away, where it lands right in front of the green hatchling.
Mint Green Hatchling looks up creeling at the world and becomes immediately snoopy
F'nar smiles, almost pushing Anra. "Isn't she pretty?"
Alyssa nods as she watches the mud egg dispatch a little green. "Well, I've certainly liked the Fort riders I have met. It's been nice to see them visit from time to time. Perhaps your duty will take you to Benden some day soon too."
Anra favors the rider with a quick smile and moves back to watch her favorite egg. She smiles widel at the gorgeous hatchling, she holds out a handful of meat to the little one.
Selandra grins. "Busy little lady."
Anra favors the rider with a quick smile and moves back to watch her favorite egg. She smiles widel at the gorgeous hatchling, she holds out a handful of meat to the little one.
Aphrael takes some wherry out from the pile nearby, and dangles it near, blood dripping on the ground.
Leykos blinks and rushes to get his meat where the green can see it. "Here, little green. Take some wherry!"
Anra bubbles, "Eat good!"
Mint Green Hatchling creels and sumbles, falling into a heap and her nose dives painfully into the hand of a little girl.. creeling she accepts the meat.
Mint Green Hatchling stumbles towards Anra.
Alyssa catches F'nar's hand and grins. "Look!"
F'nar quickly turns and his eyes light up! "Anra!"
Amythest Swirled Egg sits in the middle of the basket and simply breaks open
D'ris takes a small sip of his hot klah, then nods to Alyssa, a slight smile on his lips, "Yeah, perhaps if my duty takes me to Benden..." his voice simply trails off. He shakes his head slightly and drinks heartily from his mug. Amythest Swirled Egg flakes off in pieces to reveal a tiny mound that could only be a hatchling.
Peaking out from underneath a very dark wing is a body that is so dark blue that it's almost black. If you can find this tiny little creature at all, you're lucky as he hides from everyone and anything. Even his wing sails are the same dark color as the rest of his body. the only light color on him is a white spot on the very tip of his tail and the whirling of his gem-colored eyes.
Anra grins, helping the little one up. As the little green climbs into her hand and begins devouring the meet, she look back at F'nar, and smiles!
Daena goes home.
Daena has left.
Leykos grins for the girl before he makes himself availabe for the next egg, grabbing a fresh handfull as an afterthought.
Midnight Blue Hatchling peeks out from under a wing and looks around.
Selandra smiles, and wonders who'll impress the blue. Aphrael busys herself placing her wherry in a pile in front of her, ignoring the packtail that lies discarded nearby. She hums softly at the hatchling.
J'bal gets back up, looking at the dark blue Hatchling. "Hey, you're a andsome one."
Alyssa laughs heartily, tears of mirth springing to her eyes. "I hope F'hlan isn't angry."
Leykos whistles at the sigh of the blue's colour, and carefully pushes his arm closer. "Here...My, you look good!" F'nar helps the doting toddler feed her new friend. "Oh, how could he! Look at how cute they are!"
J'bal squats down and dangles a piece of meatroll. "want this? C'mon, it's yours."
Midnight Blue Hatchling creels and scampers to hide behind a lady
Alyssa watches the little blue with a great smile on her face. "He's so cute," she sighs.
Leykos chuckles at the blues timidness and continues to beckon with his meat, but calling softlier, and thinking of calm thoughts, welcome thoughts.
Midnight Blue Hatchling suddenly scampers twards a humanthingy holding out meat and hides behind his leg while nibbling the meat
Aphrael giggles softly watching the blue scamper away.
F'nar whispers down to Anra, "What's her name?"
J'bal grins at the blue, then holds the meatroll out, waving it quietly at Hatchling eye level.
Anra beams as the little one continues gobbling all the food she and F'nar give her.
Anra looks up and blinks, "Dirt?"
Alyssa leans down with a bit of meatroll toward the little blue, wondering if it's going to find the food it wants. "Here, you look hungry..."
Midnight Blue Hatchling stumbles towards J'bal.
Alyssa grins brightly at J'bal and says, "Seems to like your offering, J'bal!"
Tarah grins and thanks you all for coming and now has to suddenly dosa ppear
F'nar chortles. "Dirt it is!"
Tarah has disconnected.
Alyssa has disconnected.
J'bal chuckles and gently picks the dark little FL up, crooning to it. "Emmith's going to love you."
Alyssa has connected.
Leykos shrugs and stands, stretching his sore arms. He pushes through the crowd and makes his way out.
Leykos goes home.
Leykos has left.
Anra grins, "Show :grins, "Show Da?"
Selandra smiles and sighs seeing that the hatching is finally over. She gets up and turns to leave, waving to all.

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