In Which Delga Goes Wandering

This was a short-ish session, being a Sunday night run, so I didn’t have much time to explore anywhere in depth. So my main intention was to get the third aetherium shard, and other than that? Just wander around and see what adventure I could come across!


  • Started off in Proudspire
  • Did a little shopping at Bits and Pieces and Radiant Raiment; bought other color of miner’s clothes at Radiant Raiment since I like that style; also bought Redguard outfit too since i like that style as well and it’s clothing that’s less blatantly gendered
  • Sold a couple of things to Khajiit on the way out
  • Derped around in the Reach for a while looking for Deep Folk Crossing, couldn’t quite remember where exactly it was
  • Assorted creatures killed: wolves, bears, a mudcrab
  • Hostile NPCs encountered: trio of Forsworn by Kolskeggr; cultists; Forsworn that shot at me from one unidentified camp as I went by; more Forsworn when i found Bruca’s Leap Redoubt; only directly fought the one there, others shot at me from afar
  • Killed one dragon in the Reach that was fighting with a bear
  • Finally found Deep Folk Crossing and got shard number three
  • Went through Dragon Bridge and got back on the road to Fort Snowhawk to see if i could find the missing mages to clear the place; answer: no
  • But I did take down a second dragon, this time a frost dragon, that was fighting a troll near Fort Snowhawk
  • Boinged back to Whiterun after that since I had two dragons’ worth of dragon bits
  • Smithed a couple of dragonscale armor pieces to rebuild a set


Not too much to add to this other than what’s in the highlight notes above. This was not a complicated session. Or a long one. :)

I’m going ahead and doing a post for it though, just for a post to attach screenshots to! Because I got some action shots of Delga killing that second dragon with Dragonbane!

Next time

A bit more general adventuring, and possibly also more work on becoming thane in either Windhelm or Markarth.

And I’m feeling Dawnguard coming on, I think!