In Which Alarrah Becomes a Thane of Morthal

I’m afraid I broke my last Skyrim post’s mirror over to Dreamwidth, so for the benefit of those of you reading this post from there, here’s the link to my previous Skyrim writeup:

In Which the Dragonborn Goes to Morthal and Slays a Giant

And now we rejoin our regularly scheduled Dragonborn!

Tonight’s goal: finish off becoming Thane of Morthal, and seeing what all that actually gets me. Answer: my very own buildable house, yay! And a whole extra housecarl!

I had to do a bit of poking around on the Skyrim wikis to figure out exactly what else I could do to trigger the third quest to help the people of Hjaalsmarch. I still have a pending quest to get the alchemist Lami a copy of a book she wants, and I’m pretty sure that would have let me do 3/3 on the helping people objective… but the problem is, apparently that book is not to be found without stealing.

And so far I’m not intending to play Alarrah as a thief, despite Paul’s ardent affection for the Thieves Guild plotlines. There is a non-zero chance I’ll want to do a thief-type character later–Rangers and Rogues being the character classes I play the most when I play nethack, a thief certainly seems like something I could have tons of fun with. But Alarrah is the Ranger archetype here, so it’s not really in character for her to steal.

Which meant I had to find another way to tick off the third item on that quest.

On the way back into Morthal this time I actually found the steward again, first. He’s the Jarl’s husband, it turns out, and very protective of her. So I asked him for any leads on work, and he forked over a bounty to go kill a dragon–

Which, to my bemusement, turned out to be a dragon I’d already killed for Morthal. Up at Eldersblood Peak.

I was willing to go kill it again, though. Thinking that hey, maybe that meant I could make another round of a bounty!

So I fast traveled over to the Peak with my ever loyal Lydia at my side, and this was perhaps the fastest damn dragon battle I’ve ever had. The weird thing about it though was that this dragon didn’t set on fire and disintegrate like defeated dragons usually do in Skyrim. Possibly because I’d already killed a dragon in this locale?

I was still able to get bones and scales and loot off of it, though. And more importantly, to fulfill the bounty.

After I killed the thing (with combined throwing Unrelenting Force at it and also wailing on it with Dawnbreaker), I discovered that Lydia hadn’t joined me in the battle–because she was busy fighting a couple of frost trolls!

Then *boing* back to Morthal. At this point game time was pretty late so I decided to pop into the inn.

I finally actually settled for taking up the warrior Benor on his offer of a brawl, and that turned out to be more fun than I expected. We just bare-fistedly punched one another in the Moorside Inn, and even though I wasn’t using weapons or magic, I was still armored in all my elven armor. So I kinda feel like I had an unfair advantage over the schmoe, he barely put a dent in my hitpoints before I finally punched him down.

He yielded gracefully though, and then promptly swore his loyalty to me and his willingness to fight at my side whenever I needed him. Ha. Nords. Gotta love ’em. ;)

So that