Reminder to Jamming group: Jam is ON on Sunday

For those of you on my jamming group’s mailing list, if you haven’t already seen the reminder I sent earlier this week, don’t forget that we are JAMMING on Sunday at the Murkworks! Be there or miss out on seeing my shiny new guitar. Not to mention nomming of tasty, tasty pie!

Please sing out if you haven’t already told me you’re coming, so I know how much tasty, tasty pie to get!

2 Replies to “Reminder to Jamming group: Jam is ON on Sunday”

  1. Laaaa! It’s just gonna be me; Ms. Chaos is headed to Parts Northward…. the folks over at ProMusica were wondering if y’all wanted to have a seasonal Part 2 over at their place, possibly with an Italian variety of Pie?

    1. You should direct that question to the mailing list, since I don’t think anybody in the group except perhaps you and Dara are actually reading this blog. ;)

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