Farewell to the Strongbow Appreciation Society

For many, many years, my favorite comic book has been Elfquest, and for many years, I maintained a site here in honor of my favorite character from that comic, Strongbow. Due to lack of time to maintain it any more, I have taken the site down. But I want to thank everyone who contributed to it over the years and sent me fanfic and fan art; y’all made it a lot of fun!

For anyone who might still wander by here, I’m always glad to chat with fellow Elfquest fans, so please feel free to keep in touch. And for those of you looking for potentially Strongbow-related fan art or fanfic, let me recommend the following links:

Shade and sweet water!

Anna, 10/1/05

And for giggles and grins, I’ve reinstated my poll for who should be Strongbow’s voice. I grabbed all the names that had appeared on the previous version of the poll for the options here.

Anna, 12/26/09