Han Solo Logs

han-return.txt — 1/16/00

Following Han’s rescue from Nar Shaddaa by Chewbacca, Gabrielle, and Skeezix, Luke and Leia come on board the Falcon to assure themselves of Han’s well-being.

han-physical.txt — 1/23/00

With the Falcon safely landed on Coruscant, Dr. Kathryn Montavre comes aboard to tend to the injured Solo; later, as Han sleeps in bacta, Luke, Leia, Poguala, C-3PO and R2-D2 all discuss his condition.

han-luke-heart2heart.txt — 1/25/00

Anxious over the fate of Jessalyn and his own worthiness to teach the new Jedi he is discovering, Luke seeks out Han on the Falcon–and prompts the Corellian into breaking out the brandy to soothe his young friend’s frazzled heart.