attack.txt — June 1996

Attack of the Evil Glowing Proddy Zombie Lower Caverns Girls. ‘Nuff said!

puberty-return.txt — July 1996

The Return of Puberty: The Hormonal Nightmare!

quest.txt — August 1996

Part I of the Saga of the Arcane Bonding Ritual. [1]

quest2.txt — August 1996

Part II of the Saga of the Arcane Bonding Ritual. [1]

indyholl.txt — December 1996

In her further attempt to make life utterly miserable for F’hlan and his do-gooder daughter, Kassima polymorphs Mehlani’s bronze fire lizard Holl into Indiana Jones — and whaps Mehlani with a puberty bomb, then sends them both on a quest to recover the Ring of F’lar from the Temple of Swoon. [1]

indyholl-2.txt — December 1996

Indiana Holl and Kassima must rescue Mehlani from being sacrified by Aztec Swoonpriests. Yes, it’s as goofy as it sounds. [1]

indyholl-3.txt — December 1996

Indiana Holl, Mehlani, and Kassima escape from the Temple of Swoon. [1]