Great Big Sea Journal Writings

  • Bremerton 11/21/09

    In which Mimi and I get to resume Fangirl Duty Stations for the first time in a long while, even if only for the first set; in which Mimi actually gets the band to react to her with hysterical results; in which I am armed with iPhone and actually score some show pics; and in which the Admiral Theater is arguably the best decorated venue for a GBS show I’ve ever been in

  • Vancouver 9/12/09

    In which Dara and I finally break the Curse of Malkin Bowl, and make out like hooligans with our Cascadia flag in the General Admission section; in which we meet OKPer sticckler and see her delightful video of Séan doing “The Mermaid” from the previous night’s show

  • Seattle 10/1/08

    In which I introduce a friend to GBS shows when we descend upon the Moore, and in which not even recovering from reconstruction surgery can keep me from Vertical Movement during “Ordinary Day”

  • Seattle 7/29/07

    In which the B’ys play the Seattle Zoo to great effect, with Jeremy Fisher as a fun opening act, in which we learn that Séan is actually a telepathic giraffe named Jerome, and in which I impress a random stranger by singing along to every single song

  • Seattle 9/3/06

    In which I make up for missing a Malkin Bowl show by catching the B’ys at Bumbershoot, in which Monica gets them to sign a card for Dara, and in which the theme of the show is Alan as King and the caffeination of Seattle

  • So you want to check out GBS?

    A journal post I wrote to recommend my favorite GBS songs and talk about their albums

  • Seattle 2/11/06: Part 1 and Part 2

    In which the Great Big Famine of 2005 comes to a delightful end with the The Hard and the Easy Tour, in which several former members of Three Good Measures have pre-show conversation and food, in which the B’ys bring us tales of the crash of their tour bus, and in which the audience prompts an improvised change of Set List by bursting into “General Taylor” between sets

  • Vancouver 10/1/04

    In which Dara and I head up for our third GBS show in Vancouver and meet up with assorted friends, and the B’ys add “all new choreography” to the show

  • Seattle 5/22/04: Part 1 and Part 2

    In which our heroine can barely hear the show, but gets enough of Carbon Leaf to decide she’ll probably like them enough anyway to buy an album; in which said heroine has the pleasure of being in the front lines of fans by the stage with her partner; and in which she is teased by Séan McCann in a brief encounter after the show!

  • Vancouver 6/29/03

    In which not even a broken arm can keep a determined Piper from heading up to Vancouver for a return trip to Malkin Bowl, and in which Mr. Murray Foster celebrates his own birthday by proving himself a worthy successor to Darrell

  • Seattle 8/21/02

    In which some of the Seattle branch of the GBS Street Team get to meet one another, in which Fred repeats the Great Big Gitch Toss, in which the B’ys are in fine bantering form during the show, and in which I actually see members of GBS in a non-concert setting

  • Seattle 4/24/02

    In which Murkjammer Dana attends her first GBS show, in which several OKPers meet several other OKPers, and in which I get a load of what GBS is like with a drumkit

  • Why Mary is the Best Mary in the Whole Wide World

    Because she sent me a SIGNED COPY of Sea of No Cares!

  • Vancouver 9/8/01

    In which a road trip clear into Canada occurs for the express purpose of Newfoundlander-ogling

  • Seattle 3/17/01

    In which GBS is the opening act for the Paperboys, and I get to say an actual sentence to Alan Doyle

  • GBS Musings 2/5/01

    Further musings about the B’ys, that I wrote in February 2001

  • First Exposure to GBS

    How I got started ogling Newfoundlanders (first taste is free!)

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